Are Fundamentalists Evil (Part 1)

Is any one more evil than Dr. Evil?

Yes, fundamentalists are evil.  As are politicians, doctors, lawyers, evangelists, pastors, teachers, policemen, and housewives.  The heart is evil above all things and desperately wicked according to Jeremiah 17:9, and I believe this to be absolutely true.  The question I want to deal with is: Is the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement evil?  My answer may surprise you. 

It is interesting to me that those who are rabid fundamentalists would quickly point out the egregious errors of Calvinism, and at the same time freely quote credit and praise Charles Spurgeon and Billy Sunday, and claim that the adherents to this manmade philosophy are all lost.  I would not be surprised if these same rabid fundamentalists would deny the roots of their precious movement.  You see the roots of modern-day distinctively Independent Baptist Fundamentalism can be traced back to such compromising capitulators as R.A. Torry, a Congregationalist; A.C. Dixon a Southern Baptist; James Orr a Presbyterian; A.T. Pierson another Presbyterian; Dyson Hague, an Anglican; E.Y. Mullins, another Southern Baptist; James M. Gray, an Episcopalian (Reformed/Calvinist); and George Frederick Wright, another Congregationalist.  These are the men who marked the beginning of our precious Fundamental movement.  There were many others who joined them and penned the confines of what Fundamentalism is.  They were making a strong, principled, and more importantly biblical stand against Romanism, Modern Philosophy, Textual Criticism, Socialism, Mormonism, Spiritualism, and Liberal Theology.  They were not all cut from the same cloth, and the lines that delineated these men were as clear then as they would be today, nevertheless they agreed on the fundamentals of the faith, while disagreeing on polity, liturgy, and methodology.  Today there are fundamentalists in many denominations and many faith traditions, even if they do not call themselves fundamentalist that is exactly what they are.  A rose by any other name does indeed smell like a rose. 

The Fundamentals

To continue to explore the question at hand I believe there is another question that must be answered: What are the fundamentals?  I think we can all agree that the fundamentals would include but not be limited to: the existence of the triune God; the infallibility of the Bible; the inerrancy of the Bible; the historical accuracy of the Bible; the virgin birth of Christ; the sinless life of Christ; the vicarious atonement of Christ; the resurrection of Christ; the ascension of Christ; the return of Christ;  and the sufficiency of salvation by grace through faith alone.  I think there may be other fundamentals that could be appended, however I believe I have mentioned the essentials. 

There are many things that  we call fundamentals that are not, such as:  the King James Version is the only correctly translated bible; only IFB churches are fundamental; soul winning is necessary; Contemporary Music is evil and wrong; Southern Gospel is godly; that red top milk, cat head biscuits and Stamps Baxter; you must sing from a hymnal; projectors and screens are of the devil; wire rimmed glasses are satanic; britches on women is wicked; swaying while singing is perverse; shorts tattoos, piercings, beer, cigarettes, running with wild women, and smoking dope are equivocal; drums in the church is ungodly; secondary separation is necessary; abortion is murder; only the Baptists are the bride of Christ; the wine in the Lord’s Supper should be alcoholic; the wine in the Lord’s Supper should be non-alcoholic; my crowd are the only true fundamentalists; and many other things. 

Try as you might you cannot prove most of them using your Old Schofield King James Sanctified Rectified Cross-referenced Giant Print Goat Skin solid black with your name on it bible.

I do not believe that any of these things are fundamentals of the faith once delivered to the saints.  Arguments can be made, spit and be spat, hyperbole can be hyperboled, but these things are not fundamentals.  Try as you might you cannot prove most of them using your Schofiled oops I mean Old Schofield King James Sanctified Rectified Cross-referenced Giant Print Goat Skin solid black with your name on it bible.  Just so you can keep from being a gossip about me, I will tell you that I believe most of the things on this list.  I believe the King James Version is the word of God for English-speaking people; at the same time I believe it is not the only correctly translated bible on the face of the earth today. (and all, yes all, everysingleoneofyou RUCKMANITES are outyoureverlovingjackrabbitminds.)  I also believe in soul winning, and no liquor for the Lord’s Supper.  You can guess and gossip about the rest if you wish, but  I am as fundamental as you are na na na boo boo.


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