Some claim to be pit bulls, I'm a panther and I eat pit bulls for lunch.


I received a phone call the other day from a true friend.  I have not spoken to this man for several months.  This friend asked me what was up with my blog.  He said he had heard several rumors about me, some of which were true, some which were false.  He said he kept hearing about my blog but he never read it himself.  I gave him the link and he read my blog posts.  He told me he liked what he saw, and like many others, sees the value in what I am saying.  This person is a fundamentalist, a real fundamentalist.  He is a preacher and a friend.

Other “friends” have decided to take to twitter to make surreptitious comments about my blog.  Referencing it in obscure little tweets, talking in code to their buddies, making light of me and my situation.  Very curious.

Still others send me messages on Facebook, Twitter, and here on my blog telling me to keep it up, encouraging me to continue.  I am not going away.  I will be casting more rocks into the rabid dog pack as time and inspiration permits.

The preceding was written several months ago.  I did not post it because I became busy with other things and decided to let things be for a while.  Oddly enough the pitiful potentates who have plagued me in the past are at it again, and a new round of blogs is on the way.  I am working on one now for those of you who care to read them.  Everything in this post is as true today as it was back in September when I originally wrote it.  Hang on to your hats, it is going to get real up in here!


2 responses to “Curious

  1. hey Jason, read all of the blogs you have here and must say it is quit encouraging to know that “we” are not alone. My wife is a young Christian, just a few years now, and has asked me about many different things pertaining to how we should live our lives at home and in Church. We are not perfect nor claim to be, as you well know in my case…thanks for the Love it has helped, my wife was blessed by our renewed friendship… but we are at a point of having to make a decision about the Church we attend now. It is not an IFB but SBC. While that in and of itself does not bother me I guess, I am however bothered by the fact that my pastor and I do not see eye to eye on many aspects and I am beginning to regret joining this Church. I should have done or asked some important Questions before hand. Any way, enough about my problem I just wanted to say keep up the good work and please keep me in your prayers that the Lord will show me what he would have me do… leave the Church or try to help… I will give you an example: My wife asked me some time ago why women do not lead prayer in Church so we got out the BIble KJV, and did some research so that she would understand that God was, is and will always be the same. She found the passage about women praying silently and that if they have a question to ask it through their husband. Ok, long story short I was at work she went to Wed. night bible study and at the end the Pastor asked her to dismiss in prayer she politely told him that the bible says she is not to. He told her that that was then because women were chatty and that doesn’t really pertain today. she came home and told me obviously, and said she did not feel right in doing it because the bible says for her not to. We have talked about some of the other issues and are waiting on the Lord. Suffice it to say I would very much like to discuss our situation with you in more detail. IF you do not mind I will send my Phone # to you or if you would send yours so that we could talk and go through the bible at the same time. thanks again for your friendship and your love and May God to continue to bless you.. Your brother in Christ. jeff

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