Nobodies Going Nowhere Doing Nothing

I want to come clean with this post.  First of all I want you to know that the things I have posted in the last ten posts are things I have learned.  I was not born with this knowledge, I was not born again with this knowledge, I earned this knowledge because I made mistakes.  My hope is that you, dear reader, will be wise.  You see I am smart, because I have learned from my mistakes, I wish I was wise, then I could have learned from other peoples mistakes.

I want to come clean with this post.

I am guilty of being a rabid fundamentalist, I am guilty of being an iBFer.  Not so much by action as by association and silence in the face of obvious error.  I wish to appeal to your pity, yes, I want your pity, because I have acted pitifully.  (So have you but this is my blog, and my turn to be pitiful!) Instead of speaking up when I knew things had gone too far, I remained silent.  Instead of clarifying my position on beliefs, I allowed obscurity to abound.  Instead of bringing issues to a pointed conclusion, I let the whole thing ride; and for you gamblers out there you know that if you let it ride long enough you lose.  Well I lost, but now, perhaps, you can benefit and excel where I failed.

I am guilty, and I ask your forgiveness, compassion, and yes pity.  Because I personally know so many of you, and I know your good Christian character, I know I have your forgiveness, compassion and pity, so I thank you.

You can't say no to this face!

Many times I have heard this phrase, nobodies, going nowhere doing nothing,  uttered and repeated by “men of God” about other pastors, missionaries, and evangelists.  I myself have even repeated it about other preachers with whom I disagreed, or found disagreeable.  Again, I ask your forgiveness, compassion, and pity.  I want to address this statement, and even defend it.

NOBODIES:  This is meant to give the impression the man in question has no following, no influence, and no chance of ever gaining either.   However, through personal experience, I have learned what this truly describes is a preacher who: is not trying to make a name for himself,

he is not touting his honorary academic bestowals,

he is not buying ads in the Sword of the Lord and Revival Fires with his picture all over  them,

neither is he printing prayer cards, promotional posters, promotional photos, business cards, book marks, and ink pens with his name and picture on them, and passing them out to everyone he sees.

This nobody is not having someone else transcribe some of his messages and slapping a cover on it and calling himself an author.

He is not signing his name in the front of groupies Bibles,

he is not signing that little pamphlet he wrote  had transcribed by someone else,

he is not nosing himself into every meeting he can, and he is not putting on so much cologne that when he shakes your hand you smell like him for three days no matter how many times you shower.

A nobody is somebody trying to do what God called him to do, and not looking for the credit.  Thank God for NOBODIES!

As my son Eric would say: "Dude, that's just awesome!"

GOING NOWHERE:  This is meant to give the impression that the man in question will never rise above the station at which he resides in the hierarchy of fundamentalism.  Through experience and observation I have learned what this really means:

Even though he makes mistakes, he is going nowhere.

Even though he is not applauded, he is going nowhere.

Even though others mock his efforts, he is going nowhere.

Even though no big fundamental rock star pays attention to him, he is going nowhere.

Even though he is in some small town in the backside of the wilderness, he is going nowhere.

Even though he has not been granted an honorary anything, he is going nowhere.

Even though his church gives small offerings, he is going nowhere.

Even though he has to work another job, he is going nowhere.

Even though he has to do the majority of the work including cleaning the toilets in the church, he is going nowhere.

Even though people snicker behind his back, he is going nowhere.

Even though he is put down with the phrase: young preacher (who has been preaching for almost two decades) he is going nowhere.

Even though everyone else around him is going contemporary, he is going nowhere.

Even though everyone around him is removing Baptist from their signs, he is going nowhere.

Even though many of his friends are using a version other than KJV, he is going nowhere.

Even though the evangelist preaches against him when he has driven many miles to be in the meeting, he is going nowhere.

He is not leaving his church, he is not leaving his calling, he is not leaving those who need him, he is not leaving, he is going nowhere.  Going nowhere means you are steadfast and faithful, even though….(add your issue here)  Thank God for those GOING NOWHERE!

This needs no explanation!

DOING NOTHING: This is meant to give the impression, that the preacher in question will never amount to anything in Fundamentalism, and he is doing nothing important in the gran scheme of things.  What I have learned it truly means by observation and experience is:

Preacher so and so is not gossiping about others.

Preacher so and so is not preaching all over the place but missing from his pulpit.

Preacher so and so is not politicking for more power.

Preacher so and so is not trying to build a following.

Preacher so and so is not trying to get you to take sides against other preachers.

Preacher so and so is abstaining from the fights.

Preacher so and so is only trying to build his church.

Preacher so and so is not trying to be the center of attention.

Preacher so and so is content with the section of God’s vineyard, God has given him to work.

Doing nothing means you are so busy doing what God called you to do, you have no time for all the unimportant things about which others bother.  Thank God for those DOING NOTHING!

They made a career of doing nothing.

I sincerely hope the preachers who are reading this blog are nobodies, going nowhere, doing nothing.  I truly believe God will richly bless you for it like he has so many other nobodies, going nowhere, doing nothing.


8 responses to “Nobodies Going Nowhere Doing Nothing

  1. Preach the Word as the Precious Holy Spirit gives you understanding of the Word. Never appologize for preaching the Word. Don’t meddle in someone else’s vinyard. Walk as closely to Jesus as you possibly can and once in a while, as God gives you occassion, show some dear soul how to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. I’ve been told that I’m a nobody. Thank you Lord.

  2. I hope you are doing well!

    Thank you for this encouragement!

    It was a reminder to me to keep on serving God whether or not anyone else gives recognition. We are not judged by anybody in IFBdom or any man at all for that matter; we are judged by God.

    But for all the things that are wrong with many IFBers, I praise God for the many more that continue to preach the word without compromise, yet don’t get distracted by peripherals, and don’t see it as their primary calling to start intramural spats.

    God Bless!

  3. Well said Bro. Little, well said!! Love and miss you guys so much!! I so hope you come and visit us some time!! I know some people think what you are writing is ‘going about things the wrong way’ but I think you are hitting the nail right on the head and someone needs to ‘say’ it, and why not you, right?!?! God Bless…

  4. Brother Jason,
    Thank you for this post. In this I call you Brother, not out of courtesy or because we are related outside of Christ, but because we have endured many of the same conflicts and come to some of the same conclusions. I came out of a holiness denomination to become an IFB over 30 years ago. At first, the fellowship was great and I met many good men faithfully serving God as you described here, but soon it became apparent that there were among us several men that treated our independent fellowship as if it were another denomination. These men were constantly seeking to wield influence and power over the other preachers. The peer pressure was every bit as powerful as the denominational structure that I came out of. As a result I ceased participation with the Fellowship and became truly independent, with only Christ as the head of our church. It’s been tough and often lonely, but definitely worth while. I am still a nobody, going no where and doing nothing, but I seek to please the Lord in doing so. Bless you Brother!

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