Following Schaap

I can’t resist doing somewhat of a follow-up on Schaap.  I was intending to address the whole Hyles/Schaap issue on this blog in the future, but the future seems to have caught up to me and you and smacked us all in the face.

I have had some resistance from those who think I am bashing Schaap.  Let me quickly put it out there that Schaap needs to be bashed, and should have been bashed long ago.  I wish I had started my tirade against him earlier instead of now.  This post and others like it all over the Internet are not kicking a man when he is down.  Jack is not down, he is not a wounded warrior in the Christian Army he is a defector, a turncoat, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a false teacher, a heretic who should be rejected, a marked man, who has not spared the flock for quite some time.  If you want an example of someone who was down look to Charles Stanley, yes I said Charles Stanley.  Yes, he is not KJV, he is not an IFB pastor, he is not our “stripe” but he is a genuine man who preaches the Bible and from all observable fruit in his life he is a Christian.  His wife left him and…well…look it up on Google. He is down, or was down, and I noticed many iBFers kicking him with no remorse or second thought about what he had gone through, and no mercy for his situation. The differences we have with Charles Stanly are differences in methods and polity, not doctrine.  Methods and polity will never make an eternal difference whatsoever.  Do you really think Jesus is going to reward you more at the Judgment Seat of Christ because you were an Independent Fundamental Baptist?  If you do, I have a bridge for sale, and it is a good deal. I’ll let it go for cheap.

Schaap is a different story altogether.  In 2005 Schaap wrote Marriage the Divine Intimacy.  In this book he describes his outlandish, perverted, and unsubstantiated views on the Lord’s Supper.  He equates the Lord’s Supper to…well…to…read it for yourself

The first two excerpts in the link are positively unsubstantiated and untrue, and the entirety of the excerpts are blasphemous, degrading, perverted, and just plain wrong.  When this book came out I remember a telephone conversation I had with a leading well-known iBFer evangelist on this subject.  I asked him why he and other well-known evangelists, pastors, and mouthpieces of fundamentalism (both good men and iBFers alike) did not repudiate and decry this perverted blasphemous utterance from this sick twitch, and cease all fellowship and support of him, his church, and college, now that there was evidence of his perversions, false teaching, blasphemy and heresy in print from his own hand.  The answer I received was: we need to give brother Schaap some grace and space.  He is wrong and this thing is perverse, but he is the pastor of the largest IBF church in the U.S. and we don’t want to appear to be attacking him.  What this evangelist was really saying is we want to do what looks good not what is right.  If what is right looks good we will do that, but if what is right doesn’t look good we will wait until it looks good then we will do it.

Then there is the whole KJV thing.  Jack Schaap said the KJV is not inspired or preserved, and he never clarified his position and he never recanted his statement.  Yet many still sent their kids to Hyles Anderson College, and many  preachers continued to attended Pastor’s School, and send their support to HAC.  For shame, you all, every single one of you, have egg on your face now, what is worse is you had it on your face then and didn’t even know it.  Shame on you pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christians who in any way supported the pervert Jack Schaap.  Shame on you who take monetary support from him.  Shame on you for not putting him in his place and decrying the false teachings and blasphemy he spouted for eleven years. Shame on you deacons and members of FBCH for not firing this blasphemer, and double shame on any of you who defend this heretic creeper.

There are many other false doctrines and heresies Schaap has promoted through the years, and the current interim pastor of FBCH remained silent, all the other staff preachers remained silent, the faculty of HAC remained silent, the deacon board remained silent, the membership remained silent, well-known preachers remained silent.  Shame on you Clarence Sexton for having fellowsip with

Shame on you Fan-Boy Sexton

Schaap, and cozying up to him like some kind of fan boy, shame on you Tony Hutson you red cap, cat head biscuit loving, you can’t have my diddy’s knife, Stamps Baxter enabler.  Shame on you John Vaperzan pastor of Metro Baptist in Belleville, MI, you number one fan of all things Hyles (are you 100% Schaap?), Shame on every last one of you who continued to preach HAC and FBCH conferences.  Some of you men I respect, some of you men I know personally and I am embarrassed for you, but you did this to yourself.  Instead of correcting this bum you placated him, instead of admonishing him you encouraged him, instead of blasting him to his lousy face you made him your friend.  Instead of denouncing his heresy you took part in it.  Instead of breaking fellowship with him, you invited him to preach for you.  Instead of taking a real stand against sin in our own camp you kept your silence in the name of peace.  Peace be damned right along with all your standing.  You make no stand, you have no stand, at least not when it matters.  You have shown yourself followers not leaders.  Instead of courage you have displayed cowardice, instead of leadership you have been swayed by an evil man who you probably wont even recognize as evil.

Shame on every last one of you who continued to preach HAC and FBCH conferences

The Bible is clear on what should be done with false teachers like Schaap.

Titus 3:10
A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;

The problem is I don’t know that he was ever admonished.  There are many other things the Bible says about false teachers and blasphemers like Schaap, look it up.  Find out what the Bible says concerning him and apply it to your life for all men who claim the mantle man of GOD.  Test them against scripture, if they do not agree with the Bible, respectfully point it out to them.  If they preach heresy FIRE them, if they run roughshod over your church and rule with an iron fist, leave them.  You are ultimately responsible for your spiritual condition.  Don’t get Schaaped, don’t fall prey to the wolf who built a cult not a flock.

I do want to give some credit to Dr. Shelton Smith who removed ads for HAC and FBCH from the Sword of the Lord after the KJV stuff.  I would also ask Dr. Smith, where were you on Marriage the Divine Intimacy?  You still took his ads, you preached with him at Crown.  Where were you when Schaap continually uttered ridiculous statements from pulpits around this land?  Blasting Calvinists, Catholics, and Capitulators.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist the alliteration.) Where were you when Schaap was bringing glory to himself and puffing himself like his mentor Jack Hyles?  Explaining again to seasoned preachers how to pass out a tract.  Where were you Dr. Smith?

There are no terms strong enough to express my anger and rage at Schaap, and the men who have pacified him.  My irritation has turned to anger and my anger to rage.  I would like you all to know there is no God to you on this earth besides God himself.  No pastor, no evangelist, no missionary, no preacher is God to you, so don’t make him one.  The fundamental fault lies with the membership of FBCH.  They swallowed Hyles cult-like practices hook line and sinker and doubled down with Schaap.  Now all of us are stained with this simply because we are IBF Baptists.  The truth of the matter is most of us summarily disagree with this idiot Schaap on a great many things; far more than you can find to disagree on with Southern Baptists, but because he puts Baptist on his sign and claims to be independent and fundamental we left him alone.  No more, do not let evil men lead you and then make the Nazi excuse, “I was just following orders…”

Sieg Heil


4 responses to “Following Schaap

  1. Thank you for pointing out these hard things. I hope people heed your admonition and keep their eyes upon Jesus as the authority to follow. It hurts when you finally realize that the man in the pulpit is just that –a man who is capable of great error when they forget to keep their eyes on Jesus as well. Again, thank you for what you write, God bless always.

  2. You are 100% right! I’ve known what a cult it is, what liars they are and how they “buy” their sin since the late 1970’s! I didn’t walk, I ran from that place and have always been mystified, outside of the “bought” silence ,that the people would defend such perversion! Any of the deacons who back off of this should be prosecuted along with Schaap! The interim pastor, Eddie Lapina was quoted in the coverage as saying, ” If this (crime) happened, Bro. Schaap has suffered greatly for it and the authorities will take that into consideration.” Really? I’ve not encountered judges, juries and FBI who “consider” the suffering of the criminal ( that’s EXACTLY what he is)! Oh, and Eddie, what happened in your mind and in your own home after Schaap’s famous “fat wives” sermon? I hope Jamie sat on your neck!
    I wish they’d caught Hyles as red- handed as they did Schaap! A lot less lives would have been destroyed! Shame, shame, shame on all of you! You are all accessories to these crimes that have been permitted for DECADES! There is NO way to blame this latest young victim! Even if she ASKED him to participate! She was supposedly receiving “counseling” from him over sexual abuse! What prey she became for him! She is a CHILD, regardless of Indiana’s “age of consent”! She was transported across state lines! He is a pervert, a predator, a liar, a deceiver, a pedophile and a criminal! She could not give legal consent for what he enjoyed doing to her! What is wrong with all of you people? What if it were your daughter? If she were my daughter, I would have shot first and asked questions later! Keep your hold on Schaap by his “I and II Timothy’s” and squeeze all the way to the prison he belongs in. As for Eddie Lapina, does your church need him in ANY capacity since he sat quietly through the escapades of Dave Hyles, Jack Hyles, and now Jack Schaap? Start fresh, without secrets that can be bought and remove this church’s cult status for good! It is the only way to truly serve God and save not only souls, but lives!

  3. Thanks for your comment Carol. These are hard things, and I wish some so called high powered preachers would kick in and make some noise about Schaap’s heretical teachings like bridechamber theology and the prosperity gospel he likes to preach. They have been largely silent on the Schaap issues, and even now nothing. I will say, and should have said in my blog, Dr. R.B. Ouellette has stood up for what is right and did put Schaap on the do-not-preach list. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Ouellette and even more since he is one of very few public well-known voices to speak the truth of God in this whole saga. Dr. Bob Gray Sr. has too, but I am leary of him and his love of Jack Hyles.

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