If You Call Yourself a Preacher it is Okay to Lie

…it is also infects iBFer preachers like the Ebola virus crossed with the common cold

Disgusting behavior is not only reserved for the unwashed masses of our IFB churches; it is also infects iBFer preachers like the Ebola virus crossed with the common cold, and I’m not just talking about Jack Schaap here, although I can’t think of anyone who is guilty of more disgusting behavior.

I have been encouraged to name names in my posts and I have also been encouraged to do the right thing and just kill myself.  Can you imagine a man, who believes he is called by God to preach the gospel, telling another man he should kill himself? I have named some names but believe me what I said about them was the tip of the iceberg.  Mostly, I have kept the iBFers names out of my posts, but part of me wants to make a list and check it twice and put all their naughtiness on display for everyone to see.  Instead I try to keep everything on a more gentlemanly level.  I do not always succeed, but it is better to fail every once in a while than to fail with almost every Tweet you plaster on Twitter from the fake Twitter account you hide behind and pretend no one knows you are that guy.

Everyone konws you are that Guy!

I am posting this because I want to commiserate with those who have been, and are in my shoes.  I want to be a shoulder for those who are just starting to get beat up, and I need the shoulders of those who have old bruises and cuts that just wont quite heal.  I am miserable, I am sickened, and I am disillusioned, but that is usually the case when you pull the wool from off your eyes.

Many “preachers” of the iBFer sort want to think, and even tell one another, that I started all of this because I failed, quit the ministry and blame John Hamblin,(there, I named a name) God, the virgin Mary, Dr. Malone, Dr. Carr, Midwestern Baptist College and a whole host of others.  This could not be further from the truth as John, David Carr, and others could tell you.  All of this stuff was coming out regardless of my status in the eyes of pretended ministers.  I did not quit the ministry or disqualify myself in any way.  I did not fail, in the ministry I did not run a church into the ground, I did not destroy my life.  (All of this sounds so familiar, have I said it before?)

I’m coming clean…it is Mary’s fault!

The church from which I resigned is now thriving, just as it was when I resigned.  Not only is it thriving but it has grown and is growing under the leadership of a pastor who is under the leadership of the head of the church which is Jesus Christ not John, Shelton, Paul, Clarence, Bob, Troy or any Jack.

NEVERTHELESS (he says with emphasis) certain “men of God” continue to lie about me and spread rumors.  How do I know this you ask?  First and foremost it keeps getting back to me.  Do you really think I don’t hear what you are saying about me and my family?   Do you iBFers think that if you gossip it doesn’t spread?  iBFer “preachers” are bigger gossips than the most prodigious Ladies Mission’s Circle.  To include my family in your lies is especially vicious, nasty, malicious and cruel.  I have kept your family out of my blog posts, but you do not have an ounce of class because you have attacked my family.  How dare you, shame on you.  Secondly you have the gall to spew your lies all over Twitter and Facebook.  You insulting vermin, you wouldn’t for a moment have the fortitude it takes to say any of that trash to my face.  You know I could snap your puny neck like a matchstick, so you hide behind distance and Twitter, fed lies which you willingly repeat by a nefarious nincompoop evangelist with a Napoleonic complex bigger than the Burg Khalifa, and everybody knows he is the Cee-Lo Green of Fundamentalism†.  Thirdly, you high and mighty evangelists pastors

With apologies to Cee Lo!

and teachers keep alienating people, who you have no reason to alienate, and in making them your enemy through your antics, you de facto make them my friend.  Some of you have stated many times that you don’t need anymore friends.  Well I do, and I am glad for the friends I have no matter the manner in which we became friends.  So you can make fun of them for being Calvinists, even though you have never had a serious discussion with them about what they believe and why, you can make fun of them being nobodies going nowhere (see my post by that title), you can make fun of them for being stupid, which is your go to insult when you have lost an argument, you can even make fun of them for being liberal, which you define as someone who is not as fundamental as you are, because fundamentalism is a contest in your mind.

In the last year I have heard a multitude of lies about me.  All of which are lies because not a single one of the people I have mentioned by name or description has tried to contact me, and what they are saying is untrue.  Oddly enough many of the people they said were losers have contacted me and have been an encouragement to me.  For you all I am grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As for my former friends and mentors let me quote my favorite rapper Slug  “…as for your last impression, thanks for that lesson.  I won’t trust you again getting better at choosing friends, this time the loser wins, ’cause I’ve learned how to cut off the looser ends.”

From this experience I have learned that iBFers have rules just like in Star Trek.  Their prime directive seems to be kick a man when he is down…and tell him to kill himself.  I will survive, I will continue to blog, and I will continue to try to pull the wool off the eyes of the good people who want to serve God in a church that is concerned about truth and true biblical Christianity.  God loves us, even the iBFers even though we sure don’t love each other.  So spread your lies you iBFers, spread your gossip, slam me and my family, and I will continue to take you down precept by precept, line upon line in my blog.  Not one of my detractors has ever argued against the things I have said in my blog, they continue the personal attacks and lies and rumor spreading.  Is that the kind of man you want preaching to you?  -End Rant

†Rest assured I would never snap anyone’s neck, really I wouldn’t.  Bloody a nose, break an jaw….maybe, but I would never snap a neck.

Lying, it is a sin even when preachers do it.


11 responses to “If You Call Yourself a Preacher it is Okay to Lie

  1. I am familiar with all parties involved (Beaumont, Hamblin, etc.) They haven’t always acted in a Christian manner towards you. However, your statements generalizing all fundamentalists are off-base, and this particular post does not come off as any more mature than the type of thing you are criticizing. While the loudest voices online are those of people in different “camps” the average fundamentalist does not worship Jack Schaap. I am sorry if you have been hurt by those claiming that type of affiliation, but the posts on your blog come across as bitter and vindictive. If you are truly desiring to heal and re-enter the ministry in some way, I would advise you to take this site down completely, get away from twitter/facebook, and spend all that extra time in God’s word and prayer.
    I wish I could post my name, but in case this is taken the wrong way, I don’t want involved in the fight. Just trust me that I am trying to give you honest advice.

    • Anonymous,

      I have not generalized fundamentalists whatsoever. I have clearly made a distinction between IBF and iBFers. I have gone to great lengths in my blogs to make sure that I have made this distinction over and over so that the charge you are bringing against me could not be taken seriously. If you have read my blog posts you would know this. If you are going to make general statements about this post I have no choice but to dismiss them. If you have specific instances in which I have been immature in this post please elaborate otherwise you are making empty accusations. I have also never insinuated that all fundamentalists worship Jack Schaap.

      I have sat still and quiet while me and my family have been abused online and around supper tables filled with preachers. Men who once claimed to be my friends, men who claimed to be as close to me as a brother have made it their goal to be as disruptive in my life as possible. I will not be quiet about this nonsense any longer. Hardball is the easiest game in town. All they had to do is leave me alone, instead they have lied, gossiped, and tried to interfere in my life and for what reason? John Hamblin texted me that I should send my degree, which I earned and paid for, back to MBC; Hamblin also texted to me that I should send my ordination back, yet I have never done anything to disqualify myself from the ministry. My goal here is to warn people about these pretended ministers of the grace of God, in hopes that they will not suffer as I have, and to get this stuff off my chest. They want to be public, so as hammy is fond of saying, public sin requires public rebuke, so I am just doing what my former mentor taught me to do. I question your integrity and your motive especially since you have come on here anonymously. If you had real concern for me you could have simply e-mailed, called, or sent me a message on Facebook, instead you put it here on my blog hoping it would be public. Well your wish is granted.

      As to you insinuations about how I spend my time, why would you even say something like that? You have no idea how I spend my time, what my bible reading and prayer habits are, and you have no idea how long it takes me to produce a post. Let me give you a clue. I have written 25 posts in the last 400 days which is equal to 67,200 hours. It takes me around an hour to write a post, but let’s say it takes me three. Three hours times 25 posts = 75 hours or one tenth of one percent of my time. I think I will keep blogging. You may know me, I may know you, you may know Beaumont and Hamblin, but I assure you and anyone who reads this, you don’t know my situation. So if you are truly concerned and want to be a help you know how contact me. If you want to debate me or correct something I have said, please, I invite you, but come with facts not supposition, personal attacks or questions about my character and not questioning my commitment to Christ. I have a question for you. Have you contacted Hamblin and Beaumont in a similar fashion?

      Rev. Jason Little

  2. Seems you are convicted already. I never said you spend much of your time on this. I simply said that I would take it down and spend all the “extra time” you gain on better things. As for what is immature, comments about personal harm to others is childish and ungodly. “†Rest assured I would never snap anyone’s neck, really I wouldn’t. Bloody a nose, break an jaw….maybe, but I would never snap a neck.” Also, you brought up rappers and Cee-Lo Green. Again, immature.
    No, I have not read every post on your blog. I only found it because of a conversation on Twitter I backtracked that began here. From your Twitter feed and the posts I do see, I know nothing of you as an encourager who loves their Saviour and wants to spread the gospel first and foremost. All I know and see is someone angry with individuals, entertaining his flesh by engaging them in some ridiculous war of words. I don’t care who started it, who is involved, or what has happened up to now. The true godly man in all of this will be the one who chooses to ignore the garbage and move on for God. Continuing the argument is a waste of time. This will be my last post here. I hope you will take some of this advice as it was intended, and climb out of this ridiculous “sticks and stones” fight.

    • From the beginning of my blog I have used humor as a way to deal with all of the stuff that has and is going on as a result of my decision to leave the ministry. I am sorry if you do not see the humor in it, but I do not consider that to be immature. I also do not consider it immature to mention rappers or Cee-Lo Green, I do however consider it to be immature to hide behind anonymity and not have the fortitude to contact me privately about your deep concern for my situation. I also do not appreciate you making snap judgments about me without having read my much of my blog. Your anonymous unrighteous judgement of me is exactly what I have addressed in many of my blog posts. You sir, or madam are a prime example of the behavior of iBFers. You take exception to minor things I have said like Cee Lo Green and ignore the larger issues. I don’t really care what you think of me or my blog. I don’t know you, and you are too much of a coward to identify yourself. Think what you want, bark doggie bark.

  3. Very good blog post. I certainly love this website.
    Keep writing!

  4. Now i am perpetually thought of this, thankyou for posting.

  5. Greetings,
    I see it has been quite some time since your last post.
    Don’t know if you will get this,but hope & pray you and your family are well.I read your entire site in one night,& had been on a victim of simmular treatment from most on your list.There are lots of others out there as you know.One site i would refer you to is
    Also,there is a free ebook online by ronald enroth about recovering from spirtual abuse,& google cultwatch/
    authoritarian leadership.
    feel free to contact me if you like.God bless.

    • I think much of the spiritual abuse comes from people not guarding their hearts and minds against those who would knowingly or unknowingly inflict such abuse upon them. I have however found there are those who will use this abuse to stop serving God.

  6. The (Gluten-Free!) Food Gurly

    Hey, Jason. This is Joanna. (Fort Faith). I agree with so much of what is written here. The church has become so legalistic, it can hardly even be called a church anymore…it’s like we don’t even love each other anymore. It’s all about judgment. It makes me not even want to be involved in church anymore. I do not think Christ is happy with todays church AT ALL. I have read some of the comments here and I have to agree with you…If someone is truly concerned and wants you to hear them and their concern, why write anonymously? Come out of the shadows and be heard… Take care, Jason. You are loved and missed dearly. xo

    • Thanks Jo! I have since given up on doing blogs about church and its foibles, well not given up just needed to take a break from all of that. There are way too many spiteful and I would even say evil men in the churches these days. I know Cadillac is pretty far, but I know a good church there! Hope all is well with you and Chuck. I was thinking about the camp last night as a matter of fact. I sure miss those days, and miss ya’ll too! God Bless!

      • The (Gluten-Free!) Food Gurly

        I totally understand. Doesn’t really get you anywhere anyway… They are always right and we are always just dirty rotten sinners who need to get right with God. It’s just too bad, really. All kinds of people will die and go to hell while we sit around and argue over things that don’t really mean anything. Glad you are well and happy also! 🙂

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