The Slings and Arrows of iBFers

It has been quite a journey for me this last year. I have suffered many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but I am alive yeah uh huh. ($5 to anyone who can name both references I just made) I do not feel like I have really done any good with this blog.  It is a source of constant trouble for me.  I am now thinking that I will move on to other topics besides beating up on poor defenseless innocent iBFers.  I am not going to shut down my blog, but I am going to change the focus.  I am tired, dog tired boss (another reference for you to guess) and I do not think my blog is having any impact on the iBFers, in fact, I know it is not.  All I am doing is poking the junk yard dogs, and junk yard dogs are mean.  Some say I am mean, and I would agree, I am a bitter twisted man who doesn’t want to be bitter and twisted anymore.  I hate what has happened to me, and I hate even more that I have allowed it to happen.  The idiots I have mentioned in my blog are not worthy of my efforts to point out their salacious ways.  The names I have mentioned are men who are not capable of rational thinking when it comes to the empires they have built, so I am through tilting at their windmills. (and we have another reference, what’s that make, three now?)  I have said just about all I can say on the subject of iBFer-ism and I sincerely hope that those of you who have been helped by these posts will steer clear of the spiteful little men, and forgive me where I have been spiteful and little.  I do not regret anything I have written.  I do not regret the tone in which I have said them, and I do not regret taking a real stand against the evil of this system of manipulation and empire building.  I hope that you will continue to read my blog, and I hope I can continue to entertain and inform you.  I am not quite sure what I will blog about, but I can assure you that I will be blogging.

As for my detractors, I want to address you specifically here and now.  I will not publically answer your Tweets, I will not answer your comments on this blog nor will I post them.  If you want to contact me to try and make amends or to apologize you know how to contact me.  If you want to bait me or harass me, just keep it to yourself.   I would ask that you stop the gossip about me, stop mentioning me on Twitter, stop talking about my wife, and stop the lies.  As for me, I forgive you, but I want nothing to do with you.  I will not mention you on Twitter or Facebook; I will not be contacting you.  Before you begin to crow Mr. or Ms. Anonymous your comment to me has no bearing on my decision whatsoever, so please do not mistakenly take credit for it.  I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore (yet another reference, I’m a regular Dennis Miller) and you detractors are not worthy of my time.  I am sure you will take offence from time to time at what I will write, but you will not be mentioned by name or by anecdote in my blogs ever again.  Therefore when you take offence, realize it is your own sick ego telling you I am talking about you, it is your own need to cause strife, it is your own desire to play politics, it is not me mentioning you.  You and I are through.  I refuse to let you bother me anymore.  One more thing, keep your little minions off my back too please.  I have blocked you all on Twitter, and I will continue to block anyone who thinks I am not serious and decides to try and cross swords with me. I’m done with you goodbye.

As for those of you who have supported me, even though you haven’t always agreed with me or liked how I have said what I have said, thank you.  I love you, and you will be hearing from me.  I am seriously considering taking up politics on my blog.  I believe in freedom and I fear for our country in this coming election.  Then again I may just take a different direction and blog about God and the Bible and true faith without the baggage of IFB or iBF issues.  I am after all a fundamentalist (that is decidedly a small “f” fundamentalist) and I believe I can contribute in a more loving and encouraging manner.

Lastly for now, I want to thank you mom for your love and support, for you wisdom and encouragement, and for your patience and understanding.  I love you mom.


5 responses to “The Slings and Arrows of iBFers

  1. I’m in your corner, brother. If you ever need me…just give a little whistle.

  2. You whack that bell if you want to. ~♡

  3. I must admit, I am a bit sad that you have decided to stop calling out the iBFers and their pompous egos, as it was wonderful that someone with your platform was finally saying, “enough is enough.”

    I am, however, glad that you will continue to blog. I look forward to reading what’s to come!

    As always, you and Rhonda and the kiddos have my support, love, prayers, and complete admiration!

  4. It is a far, far better thing that you do now than you have ever done….I had to throw one in also…I am your Mom! I am proud of you my Son and I pray for all of the wounds to heal from the arrows that have nicked you…fortunately, they were only nicks! I love you too!

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