We Need Revolution Part 1

‘Nuff Said

That’s right, a revolution, of thought that is…

What should Conservatives be looking for in a Presidential candidate? Should we look for the devastating good looks of a Magical Mormon like Mitt Romney? Come on now, you know he was the best looking candidate in the running this year, and yes I am including Michelle Bachman. Should we go for someone more Gangnam Style like a Bobby Jindal? Should we reach into the Conservative trash bag and pull out a Sarah Palin? Maybe we should go all gangsta and get us a Chris Christie or Marco Rubio? Or how about back to Texas, we can throw in our own Jr. Senator Ted Cruz, or maybe put up another Bush, Jed hasn’t been President yet. (How did a Hispanic fellow get a name like Ted? Come on you Cubans; give your kids better names than Ted! I had a guy from El Salvador do some yard work for me, his name is Dennis…true story.)

Maybe we need to go down a whole different road. Maybe we need a candidate with principles and the ability to convey conservative ideas to the public. When the personality has played out and the novelty has worn off, we need someone who can tell Americans that we are the right choice for the future. We need someone who can deliver the goods from the political pulpit as well as lead with the strength of resolve like Patton.

Here is what the Republicans had better do in the future if they wish to remain competitive.

1. STOP with the abortion nonsense. That’s right, I said stop with the abortion nonsense. Most of the country is pro-life but abortion is still legal. In 1968 we elected a pro-life president, also in 1972, 1980, 1988, 2000, and 2004, yet abortion is still legal. How can this be? Because the President has no power to write laws. Congress is where this battle is important. We cannot be one issue voters. We must elect Congressmen and Senators who are willing to put a bullet in the head of abortion. As of yet, we have not had one.

2. STOP the SPENDING! George Bush started us down the reckless road of out of control spending. How did he do it? By getting us involved in a land war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Suddenly deficits meant nothing and the spending flood gates were opened. The Democrats gladly ran through them and the barn door still isn’t closed.

3. STOP the WARMONGERING. Seriously, do we ever learn? From the Gulf War to Afghanistan and Iraq we have buried ourselves in war debt for no good reason. Now the Chinese are buying our debt and one day, if we are not careful, we will be at war with them too. Check out this site to see the cost of war since 2001 http://costofwar.com/ Just for Afghanistan and Iraq alone each family owes more than $18,500 to pay for our war expenses. Who gets this money? Warmongers get the money, those who have an interest in the war continuing because they are profiting from it. The sad fact is war is expensive, and men and material are required to wage war. I am not against any company making money on the war, they are necessary, I am against continuing a war with no stated mission, and no foreseeable end. I believe President Bush made a mistake going to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course I do not have all of the facts, but I think we can all agree that WMD was a bunch of BS!

3. START getting Dirty Harry mad when the Democrats lie about our agenda. How many times have you seen some dim-witted soft-spoken Republican go on T.V. and not defend himself against egregious Democrat lies, 100, 1000, 158,362??? Republicans need to shed the nice guy image, besides; the Republicans are the only ones who think they have a nice guy image. Romney ran a weak campaign, he didn’t attack Obama’s record, he didn’t attack Obama’s policies, and he didn’t drive home the Conservative agenda. We need someone like Clint Eastwood, not Pee Wee Herman to forward Conservative ideas.

end of Part 1 Part 2 Coming Soon!


2 responses to “We Need Revolution Part 1

  1. I’ll stop with the “abortion nonsense,” when they stop using my tax dollars to murder the unborn.

    • I am speaking about Presidential races. The President doesn’t have the power to change legalized abortion. We have had 5 pro-life Presidents and a total of 24 years of post legalized abortion administration time, and abortion is still legal. Yet every Presidential election abortion is a big topic, and one I think we place too much emphasis upon in the Presidential race. The congressional races are where abortion is important, and we need a pro-life congress to outlaw abortion, and a President to sign the law.

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