Reading this will cause Rage


Since the time we were children we have been taught to honor the flag, pledge allegiance to the flag and respect the flag during The Star Spangled Banner. For the first time in our history our children are being excused from the pledge and taught that our country and our flag are not worth honoring.  Children are being taught that God is a fairy tale and that mankind is not special.  Children are being trained to become workers and not thinkers. They are being trained to believe their only worth is what they produce for the state. We are slipping into any one of any number of dystopian scenarios we have read about through the years.  It is a frightful time to be an American who loves this country.

I submit to you that many of you have been subject to similar training and brainwashing.  Through the media, peer pressure, and misplaced patriotism you have come to fiercely believe in something that is not so.  On its surface it seems like a righteous belief, a worthy belief, even a sacred belief, but it is a poisonous belief. It is a belief which has numbed the minds of millions and paralyzed independent thought for decades and possibly more than a century.  I ask that you read every word if you plan on commenting, and consider what I am saying before arguing with me.  If you are objective and truly open minded you will not have a problem doing so.  If you cannot do this, congratulations you are close-minded and brainwashed.  Now to the juicy bits…

On July 4, 1776, a year and almost 3 months after the Revolutionary War began, the United States of America declared its independence.  We the people were fed up with the oppression we faced from Great Britain and her evil King George III. Our complaints were many and they were valid.  We the people were being taxed, but we had no representation in Parliament.  Soldiers were being housed in private homes without consent of the inhabitants, and we had no representation in Parliament.  Certain goods, that we the people were using on a daily basis, were being outrageously taxed, and we had no representation in Parliament.

The plain fact is this, we would still be part of the United Kingdom today if old King George III had given us a seat or two in Parliament.  There was no ground swell movement to oust the British and  become a separate nation.  In fact, only about 30% of the colonists were in favor of a new nation.  70% of the colonists wanted to remain with Great Britain. Nevertheless, the minority won the day and in 2016 we are still the United States of America.

During the Revolutionary War there was a Continental Congress and they raised an army of volunteers to fight the British. In addition, there was a militia in every colony which also fought the British, but these militias were not part of the Regular Army. Collectively we can call all of these men troops.  After the war, when the majority of the troops went back to civilian lives, they were referred to as veterans.  It is the same today.  If you serve this country in the military you are considered a veteran.

God bless and keep all veterans, may God cause his face to shine upon them and be gracious to them.  I have a deep respect for veterans and a profound sense of what they sacrificed to serve this country.

In the Revolutionary War, we the people rebelled against an oppressive government.  Those who fought in that war fought for our rights.  In 1783 the war ended, the rebellion was successful, and we were one nation under God.  It was not until 1787 that our rights, for which the veterans had fought, were enumerated.  The Declaration of Independence recognized that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  Most people have no earthly idea what the word unalienable means.  Unalienable simply means we cannot be separated, or alienated, from those rights.  Among the unalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Those rebels of the Revolutionary War fought for the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

King George

In 1787, Congress and the states adopted the Constitution which tells us how our government is to be implemented, and how it shall exist.  It also limits the powers of government, and explains, in further detail, our unalienable rights as citizens.  In 1812, 29 years after the rebels threw off the burdensome yolk of Great Britain, the British tried to win back their once prized colonies.  Yet again, men put on the uniform and militias fought for the rights they had won.

In April 12, 1861 another group of Rebels rose up to throw off oppression of an overreaching government.  Do not be fooled, the Confederate States of America did not fight to keep slavery as you have been told, they fought for the Constitution, they fought against what they saw as a domestic threat to our Constitution.  These men put on uniforms, formed militias and fought for their rights and the rights of those who could not, or would not fight.  This time the rebels lost and the new country was dissolved, but reunited with the United States of America.

confederate flag

Since the “shot heard ’round the world” was fired at either Lexington or Concord, there have been many conflicts and wars.  In each of those conflicts and wars the goals of our nation have been different and varied.  The question is this; have all of our veterans, in the history of our nation, really fought for our rights?  Now, the knee jerk reaction is “of course they have, what are you some kind of ISIS, Taliban, Communist?” but stop and really think about it for a minute. Rights can not be fought for unless rights are being contested.  Since the War Between the States rights have not been contested.  The last veterans of the Confederate Army died in the 1950’s, these were truly the last veterans that fought for contested rights.

The Mexican-American War lasted from 1846 to 1848.  The United States invaded Mexico and won much territory from Mexico in battle and war.  For which rights of American citizens did those veterans fight?  Go and study this war, and I challenge you to tell me which rights were being contested.  How about the Spanish-American War, were our rights being contested in this war?  How about World War I, or World War II, were American rights being contested in these wars? There has not been an invasion of American soil since 1812 or arguably since July 1-3, 1863 depending on your perspective. Since that time, in which war were American rights contested?

58,315 American troops were killed in action in Vietnam, for which rights were they fighting?  6,888 American troops have been killed in action in Afghanistan and Iraq, for which rights have they died?  Did Vietnam pose a threat to the United States?  Did Iraq or Afghanistan truly pose a threat to the United States?  Did these nations contest the rights of American citizens?  Did these nations seek to end the freedom of the citizens of the United States? The answer is no, they did not contest our rights or seek to end our freedom in any way, convoluted or otherwise.  In each of these cases the American military was used as a punishing force to fight either a proxy war or to deprive another nation of its sovereignty.


No veteran has fought or died for our rights since 1865.  If you served in the military, you did not fight for my rights, you did not fight for my freedom, you did not fight in my place.  That is not to say your service or the sacrifice of those who died is not acknowledged or appreciated.  I personally love veterans and have no problem honoring veterans and their service to this country.  However, in the last 62 years we have wasted a minimum of 65,203 American lives for absolutely nothing.  We have not made one gain in Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq that we have not given back, and yet veterans applaud this sacrifice over and over again.  Veterans, you should be lividly pissed that your contributions to the freedom and rights of these nations have been wasted in such a careless manner.

In Vietnam you fought for the rights and freedom of the South Vietnamese, they are now communists. In Afghanistan you fought to free the people from the Taliban, yet the Taliban still exists and is eroding what you accomplished every day.  In Iraq you fought to oust Saddam and destroy Al Qaeda, Saddam is gone buy Al Qaeda is still there, still strong and has spawned ISIS which is in every measure worse than Al Qaeda. Even in Korea we did not see through the change we sought out to affect.

Most people have been indoctrinated to believe that those who serve in the military fight to protect us our freedoms our way of life and fight for our rights.  Those who believe this cannot articulate how or why, they just know it to be completely true. I submit to you that we have been trained this way for a purpose.


Most people only know, and only seek, the bullet points of history.  Most people do not want to take the time to delve into the minutia of history to seek out the facts and decide for themselves what is true, what is a lie, and what is propaganda.  For instance, most people think that if we had not fought in WWII we would all be speaking German or Japanese.  These same dabblers in historical nostalgia, never stop to think about what they are saying.  There are several mitigating facts that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither the Germans nor the Japanese ever had any intention of invading the American Continent.  Japan wanted to keep the U.S. out of the war by destroying the Pacific Fleet.  In doing so they could continue their conquest of the Philippines and China without further American interference.  They did not want to fight us at all, and many of the Japanese military officials were against the Pearl Harbor attack.  Japan wanted to keep us out of the war, but they failed.  Hitler had no intention of taking over the world as some suppose.  He was interested in establishing a Germanic empire creating a master race, and unifying all Germanic peoples including those in Poland, Belgium, France, Austria, etc.

I am not saying we should not have fought WWII in this post, but I am saying that if we had not, we would still be speaking English, still be the United States of America, and still be one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  In light of historical facts it is absurd to think otherwise.  To the contrary, the casual observer of history believes we had to fight WWII to protect America, and that is simply not true.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against the acquisition of influence over our government by the military industrial complex.  Today, the military industrial complex is 100% responsible for Vietnam, the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, etc. etc. ad infinitum.  Our government is completely entangled in the tentacles of the military industrial complex.  We are compelled, by the military industrial complex, to fight and maintain a status of constant war.  Since 1941 we have not ceased to build and increase our military and to be at war, not for one year, one month, not for one day, one hour, or even one minute.  We have been in a constant state of war, and there are very few that benefit from war, but those who do, benefit tremendously.

I am not more free today than I was when I was born because of the military. I will not be more free tomorrow than I was today because of the military. I appreciate the fact that those who serve believe they are fighting for our country, but you did not fight for our country, you fought to enrich the corporations that built the tanks, planes, rifles, bombs, clothes, food, stoves, toilets, and towels to keep our military at war.  Is this what being American is all about?  Is this what I have pledged my allegiance for, is this why I stand for the National Anthem?

I am as American as mom and apple pie, even if you don’t think so after reading all of this.  I believe in liberty, I believe in America.  Let me hasten to say that I believe in American dominance over and above the rest of the world.  I am an unashamed nationalist.  My wife is from Honduras, I have no affinity for Honduras.  My ancestors are from France, England, Ireland, and Scotland, I have no affinity for those counties.  America is the greatest land God has ever blessed, but America has been corrupted by the forces of evil.

We can collectively call these forces of evil, globalists.  The military industrial complex are evil globalists who do not care for this country, they only care for their power. Every veteran swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Here are some uncomfortable questions for you veterans.  How was Hitler an enemy of the Constitution?  How was Ho Chi Minh an enemy of the Constitution? How was Saddam Hussein, Momar Qudaffi, or even Basher al-Assad enemies of the Constitution?  Why did we truly fight them?  Was the price we have paid worth the result we received?  Does your oath still bind you to defend the Constitution?  If you swore an oath to the Constitution why have you not defended it against the domestic enemies that we now have?  Where is the call to arms against the globalists?  JFK was a transitional President.  Johnson was an infant globalist.  Nixon was a toddler globalist, Ford was irrelevant.  Carter was a teenage globalist.  Reagan resisted the globalists and hearkened this country back to the days of Eisenhower.  George H.W. Bush, and every President since him were and remain full blown adult globalists.

I am also a believer in national sovereignty. Globalists despise national sovereignty.  Globalists seek the unity of the earth under one central government and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.  You do not have the right to tell me how my country should be managed.  Unfortunately the United States has been violating the national sovereignty of other nations for decades. The reason for this is that collectivism has crept into our nation and set down roots which must be severed if Americanism is to survive.  We are headed to the abyss of socialism, dystopianism, and despotism.  This country is in deep trouble if we do not begin to realize all of these truths, and not just realize them, but fight against them.

Globalism vs Americanism

I appreciate veterans who have given time, effort, and in many cases their very life to fight in the name of this country.  I call into question what you were fighting for, I call into question your leaders, methods, and outcomes, but I do not call into question your patriotism, effort, resolve, or success at being a soldier, sailor, or marine; and God bless you for it. Nevertheless, you did not fight for my rights, those who died did not die to protect my freedoms, neither are you the originators, arbiters, or defenders of the same. Even though I wholeheartedly believe this I thank you for serving.  When you made the decision to serve, you believed with all of your heart that you were fighting for the freedoms and rights of this land, and for that I thank you.  Logically you cannot make the argument that you did fight or serve for the freedoms or rights of the people of this land.

If we had not fought in Korea, we will still exist as a nation and enjoy the freedoms and rights we now have in this land.  If we had not fought in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, we would continue to be just as free today as we were a century ago. God knows my heart and my mind and the respect I have for what you have done. But all of your efforts in those wars mean nothing to the freedom of this country and your sacrifice did not protect a single right we continue to enjoy.

wolf in sheep's clothing

If you are angry at what has been said disengage your rage and engage your mind.  Can you logically defend your position?  Can you honestly say that I am incorrect?  Do not confuse the issue here, I support the troops, but I do not support the government that sent those troops to fight and die for the military industrial complex, and neither should you. Every one of you should be angry at the system that has wasted the youth of America for nothing.  Thousands have lost limbs, thousands have lost their innocence and even their minds and for what?  I am proud of what our troops can and have accomplished in the name of our country, but I am profoundly ashamed of the politicians who have given every bit of it back.  Washington D.C. has dishonored every veteran, every service member and every American citizen with the sins they have committed. Those politicians need to be held accountable for what they have done.  They are enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America.  If you are angry, be angry that you were duped by them.

God bless and keep all veterans, may God cause his face to shine upon them and be gracious to them.  I have a deep respect for veterans and a profound sense of what they sacrificed to serve this country.



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