The Immigration Lie


In 1776 we declared our independence from England.  At that point our founding fathers considered the colonists to be Americans.  Even then America was a melting pot which came from the majority of the countries in the world.  Today we have people from every country in the world and we are the third largest population in the world behind India and China.  Unlike India and China we have people from all over the world who have immigrated to the United States of America.  The U.S.A. is unique among all nations in that for centuries now people have sought to come here to make a new life. Over the years our laws have changed and now we have an ever growing problem with illegal immigration.

In 2014 I married an immigrant to the U.S.A. and I have learned much about the path to citizenship since that time.  The path to citizenship is paved with dollar dollar bills y’all.  You have to pay the immigration attorney, the government, the courts, the USCIS and I am sure there are others with their hands out. This bunch of monkeys that we have in Washington D.C. will never do a thing to change or reform our immigration laws.  Illegal immigration is a big business which makes billions of dollars per year for attorneys.  What profession is most prevalent in the United States Congress: attorneys.  Illegal immigration will never go away, it will continue to be a problem for the rest of my lifetime and probably the lifetimes of our children’s children.

Until the late 1880’s there were no laws restricting immigration.  If we applied the laws of today to 1776 America many of us would be descendants of illegal immigrants.  Part of my family came to the shores of the New World in the 1600’s the rest immigrated here between the 1800’s and the  1840’s.  In 1882 Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act which severely limited the number of immigrants from China.  After that the legislation flood gates opened and here we are today.  It is worth noting that in 1986 the Immigration Reform and Control Act passed allowing four million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Since that time our government has laid out the red carpet and invited immigrants to enter our country illegally.


If you live in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador and you are barely getting by, and you want to come to America to change your life, good luck.  Go through all of the burdensome steps, try to get a visa to enter the USA. If you are doing well and live in one of those countries and try to get a visa, buenas suerte (good luck).  Chances are the government of the United States is going to invite you not to come to our land on a visa. In the past visas were available for the asking, now, you had better have some connections, some American Citizen connections if you want to legally come to the U.S.  It is easier and sometimes cheaper to pay a dangerous drug cartel a bunch of money to come across the Rio Grande.  Over the past 3 years I have seen some gross injustices with awarding visas to people from these countries. A mother who wanted to come see her dying daughter, a mother who wanted to be with her daughter on her wedding day, grandparents who wanted to see newborn grand kids, all denied visas and for what?

If I want to go to Honduras, I can board a plane and fly there without having to go to the Honduran Embassy.  The same is true for almost every country in the world.  All I have to do is go.  This is not so for the most free nation on the globe.  If you want to come here for any reason, you must first ask permission. Something is not right with this scenario.

We have either forgotten, or we never knew, about the influx of immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, China, Japan, and Vietnam, which all happened at different times but caused the same reactions.  These immigrants are stealing American jobs.  These immigrants refuse to assimilate.  These immigrants are dirty rotten thieves and criminals. It was not true then, and it is not true now.  Immigrants are seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

Adult immigrants have traditionally had a difficult time adjusting to a new culture and new language. The Italian immigrants who came here in the early part of the 20th century did not speak English, they did not know or understand our customs, and they did not assimilate into our culture in the first generation.  However, the subsequent generations quickly learned English, where raised with our customs, and assimilated completely into our culture.  Chances are, if you encounter the progeny of those immigrants they will know very little of the “old country” culture, they will not speak Italian, and the customs of Italy would be as foreign to them as they would be to you.


There are many lies and misconceptions about illegal immigration. Perhaps the worst lie is that the undocumented workers are stealing American jobs.  This is a complete lie with no basis in fact and completely illogical.  You cannot get a job with a company without a Social Security Number.  Undocumented aliens do not have documents and they surely do not have Social Security Numbers.  There are some who are processed and receive a number, but this number is to pay taxes and their card says not valid for work.  There are others who use fake numbers, or stolen cards, but there are very few of them, and if they are caught they will suffer a great perdition.

I know, I know, you have a friend who has a cousin who’s sister’s boyfriend  was in construction and he lost his job because of the damn illegal aliens. This is a lie, your friend’s cousin’s sister’s boyfriend was either out bid, out skilled, or out worked and he lost his job because he sucks. The reason that undocumented workers dominate the construction industry is because they work for less, they work harder, or they are more skilled than the American workers. The immigrant work force is putting capitalism and the free market to the test.  The only choice the American worker has is to step up his game and lower his prices.

The truth is that legal immigrants are stealing American jobs.  Our biggest problem is with the hundreds of thousands of H-1B Visas that are issued every year to people from China, India, Pakistan, and Middle Eastern countries.  Many corporations are hiring cheap labor from H-1B Visa holders.  These people will work for 1/3 of what a similarly qualified American worker will, and they cannot leave that corporation for a better paying job or they will lose their visa.  This is noting more than 21st Century indentured servitude, yet nobody says a thing about it.  Why do we not know about this, why is this issue not being discussed?  The reason is simple, you have been programmed to be angry about people who have come to this country exactly the same way your ancestors came. You have been programmed to be angry at those damn illegal aliens.  Meanwhile, there are true unfair labor practices going on right under your nose and it doesn’t phase you one bit. I have met some of these H-1B workers.  They live in pay by the week hotels, they do not have cars, and they are paid about 1/3 of what you would be paid.  This is why you can’t find a job, and why you can’t receive a raise.  Guess what, there are close to 2 billion Chinese, and over 1.5 billion Indians.  This country will never run out of cheap foreign labor.

Another lie is these people are criminals.  No, I am not mad at Donald Trump for what he said about the Mexicans coming here to the U.S.  He did not say anything incorrect, or racist.  Mexican is not a race, it is a nationality.  The successful Mexicans are not crossing the Rio Grande on a plastic raft.  The people Donald Trump was referring to are violent drug cartel members who do come here and who do commit crimes.  Your average run of the mill illegal alien wants to come here to improve his or her life and the lives of their family.  Just like my Irish progenitors in the 1840’s.  There was nothing for them in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras, so they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly, Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars.


The majority of illegal boarder crossings are done by people trying to improve their lot in life.  Many of them eventually obtain a legal status and become productive members of our society.  Some of them do go on to commit crimes, some of them will murder, rape, and steal, but these are mostly isolated cases, just like in our American society.  The violent drug cartel members however skew the statistics. Every single one of them are coming here to kill, steal and destroy. Their crimes reflect badly on poor old Juan Valdez who came here to live with his cousin Pedro and work for his uncle Alberto’s construction company. He might get a little drunk on the weekends and but he is no different than Sid Little who moved to Detroit to make a better life for his family and liked to get a little drunk on the weekends.  The only real difference is Sid Little crossed state boarders in his own country.

It is also a lie, and illogical,  that undocumented aliens are sucking our social services dry.  Come to Harris County Health and Human Services without a Social Security Card and see how far you get. Come there with a fake card, or a stolen card and see how long it takes them to catch you.  Illegals are not getting welfare, food stamps or Medicaid. However, people with visas can receive benefits.

Yet another lie concerning illegal immigration is they are lazy and do not want to work.  Imagine that, people who are stealing American jobs are lazy and do not want to work. That Myth is busted


Another lie is that the illegals do not pay taxes and send all of their money back to their home country.  Again, this is completely illogical. I do not know of a state that does not have sales tax.  Every gallon of gas purchased has a federal tax.  Every time they pay rent, register a car, buy groceries, chattel, a car or anything else they pay tax.  Some of them even register their businesses with their state and register with the IRS and receive a Tax Identification Number to pay income tax.

There is not a single illegal alien here that sends all of their money back to their home country either.  These people do send money home, but this money is to help their family.  Here is a question for you doubters.  What I do with my money is none of your business and vice versa.  How is it any of our business what they are doing with the money they have earned?  It is true that billions of dollars go to Mexico, Central America and South America, but multiplied billions more stay right here to be spent in our economy by these illegal aliens.

Finally, the last lie, illegals hurt our economy.  POPPYCOCK!  Most states are not like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  These states share a boarder with Mexico, and have millions of undocumented people living in their cities. If we were to suddenly deport these millions of people our economies would suffer greatly.  Whole apartment complexes would become vacant overnight; grocery stores, clothing stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and  malls would close their doors.  Neighborhoods would become ghost towns.  Suddenly there would be thousands of cars, left to rot in parking lots, whose owners were simply gone. Utility companies would lose revenue. Construction projects would stop in their tracks, babysitters would not show up for work, houses would go uncleaned, restaurants would lose workers, lawns would go un-mowed, it would be a disaster.  The people who crossed the boarder illegally not only contribute to our economy, they are helping our economy.

Hispanic immigrants who have entered the country illegally are industrious hard working people.  Their politics usually suck, but their work ethic and their desire to succeed are the same as was found in the European immigrants of the 18th 19th and 20th century. They start businesses, they participate in the economy, they are an asset and not a burden to our society.  The only difference between my ancestors, and the illegal aliens of today is time.  When my people came here the manner in which they came was not prohibited by law.  If they came that way today they would be illegal aliens too.

I do not advocate open boarders, however I do not advocate deporting millions of people who are now living here.  We have to stop the illegal boarder crossings, we must close the boarder with Mexico, we must build a wall.  The United States must also reform its immigration laws.  Our immigration system is indeed broken and it is hurting our citizens. We must stop taking in the job stealing H-1B indentured servants, and we must stop allowing people to come into this country illegally; but we must also have compassion for those that are already here.  Since we have allowed this to continue for the last 30 years we must seek a solution for these people who have been encouraged to come.  We must give these immigrants a path to citizenship.  Personally I would advocate a minimum of 10 years waiting time before they are given voting rights but that is a whole other post.

In the raging debate over immigration remember, we are talking about people just like you, people who have families just like you, people who love and laugh and work and play, just like you.  Remember to be compassionate towards them and patient with them because sometime in the distant past, or in the not so distant past, your family were immigrants.



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