We Need Revolution Part 2

Don’t mess with the Founding Fathers Yo!


We need a revolution of thought in the G.O.P.  We need some fresh perspective, without compromising our principles.  Some Republicans have already begun down this road of compromising principles and we the voters must let them the elected know this is not acceptable.   To continue with yesterday’s post, we will start with number 4.  To recap number 1. Stop the abortion nonsense 2. Stop the spending. 3. Stop the warmongering and now

4. START putting together a sensible and easy to understand platform for the 2016 Presidential election. That platform should include a multi-step plan for getting this country back to its former glory. It should also be simple to explain.

A. Cut spending – we cannot afford to continue to support 47% or more of our population with food stamps and welfare. We cannot afford to send foreign aid all over the world to people who hate us. We cannot afford to support the arts and sciences on the federal level. We cannot afford to pay for education on a national level. We cannot afford the pork barrel spending that is taking place now. We cannot afford another stimulus package with “shovel ready” jobs. We cannot afford the overwhelming size of government.  We cannot afford to bail out companies like G.M. Chrysler and AIG.  We cannot afford to look to government to bail out any company in the private sector.  We also need a balanced budget amendment and spending caps for every sector including the military.  We cannot afford to continue this out of control spending and hope to survive as the worlds only super power.  We must stop deficit spending now.

B. Cut Taxes. When we cut taxes revenue raises. That means the lower the tax rate the more the government collects. We need to eliminate all deductions period, but we also need to eliminate the IRS. How do we do this? It is quite simple, we enact a flat tax. Everyone who works pays 10-15% of their income in taxes. That means if you make $25,000 you pay $2,500 to $3,750 in taxes. If you earn $50,000 you pay $5,000 to $7,500. If you earn $100,000 you pay $10,000 to $15,000, and if you earn $250,000 you pay $25,000 to $37,500 in taxes. It is simple and easy. Right now if you earn $50,000 you hardly pay anything in taxes, and if you make $25,000 you get money back because of silly government welfare programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC. We have to stop the bleeding. Every American should pay something. Even if it is only $50, everyone who works should pay.  We also need to stop stealing Americans money by forcing them to pay their taxes as they go through payroll deductions.  Automatic payroll deduction is a scam.  When you earn your income you should not have to pay your taxes upfront allow the government to overcharge you then rejoice a year later when you get a refund.  A refund is exactly that, it is a refund of the money you have over-paid for your taxes.  Instead your taxes should be paid after you have earned your income.  If taxes are due the following April 15th you should be expected to pay your previous year’s taxes by that date.  If you owe $2500 or $10,000 you should surrender this money to the government by that date.  The way it works now is the government collects your taxes directly from your paycheck, holds it interest free, and refunds you the difference sometime in the next year.  However, if you owe more tax and you are late, you get to pay penalties and interest on that money.  If you do this in business, you will be arrested for fraud, but since our government does it we sheepishly cower before them and ask for more like the iconic scene from Oliver Twist.

C. Cut Government jobs. The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General. Of these positions we do not need Education, Energy, HHS, Homeland Security, HUD Interior, Labor, Transportation or Veterans Affairs. All of those functions could be absorbed by Commerce, Defense, State and Treasury. In addition to these cabinet positions which all have secretaries and under-secretaries, assistants, and huge staffs, there are 38 Czars, 33 of which are not confirmed by Congress. They and theirs staffs can all go!  In addition to cabinet positions and czars there are any number of superfluous agencies and bureaucratic departments that produce nothing but needless waste and regulation.  The  Government is orca fat and needs to go through a couple of seasons of The Biggest Loser, Gillian and Bob style!

D. Make the Military strong but manageable. Imagine if we were not fighting a war. Since your birth our country has been involved in some kind of war.  I really don’t care when you were born, we have been at war somewhere on this globe. We have gone from one major conflict to another since the dawn of the 20th century. Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, back to Iraq, it goes on and on. Those are just the major ones, Besides these major conflicts there have been dozens of minor skirmishes. We are not the police of the world. The world’s problems are not our problems. They need to work it out on their own!  Yes, I know we have national interests around the world, but that needs to change too, keep reading.

These are the first four points I believe are essential for a strong conservative platform.  I have three more which I will post tomorrow.  We need a revolution in this country, not a revolution with guns and bombs, but a revolution of thought.  A revolution that suppresses emotional solutions to our problems and instead finds a logical solutions based on sound fundamental principles outlined in our constitution and by our Founding Fathers.  Conservative principles which looks first to the private sector and local governments to solve domestic problems and the federal government to manage foreign issues.

Look for Part 3 tomorrow.


We Need Revolution Part 1

‘Nuff Said

That’s right, a revolution, of thought that is…

What should Conservatives be looking for in a Presidential candidate? Should we look for the devastating good looks of a Magical Mormon like Mitt Romney? Come on now, you know he was the best looking candidate in the running this year, and yes I am including Michelle Bachman. Should we go for someone more Gangnam Style like a Bobby Jindal? Should we reach into the Conservative trash bag and pull out a Sarah Palin? Maybe we should go all gangsta and get us a Chris Christie or Marco Rubio? Or how about back to Texas, we can throw in our own Jr. Senator Ted Cruz, or maybe put up another Bush, Jed hasn’t been President yet. (How did a Hispanic fellow get a name like Ted? Come on you Cubans; give your kids better names than Ted! I had a guy from El Salvador do some yard work for me, his name is Dennis…true story.)

Maybe we need to go down a whole different road. Maybe we need a candidate with principles and the ability to convey conservative ideas to the public. When the personality has played out and the novelty has worn off, we need someone who can tell Americans that we are the right choice for the future. We need someone who can deliver the goods from the political pulpit as well as lead with the strength of resolve like Patton.

Here is what the Republicans had better do in the future if they wish to remain competitive.

1. STOP with the abortion nonsense. That’s right, I said stop with the abortion nonsense. Most of the country is pro-life but abortion is still legal. In 1968 we elected a pro-life president, also in 1972, 1980, 1988, 2000, and 2004, yet abortion is still legal. How can this be? Because the President has no power to write laws. Congress is where this battle is important. We cannot be one issue voters. We must elect Congressmen and Senators who are willing to put a bullet in the head of abortion. As of yet, we have not had one.

2. STOP the SPENDING! George Bush started us down the reckless road of out of control spending. How did he do it? By getting us involved in a land war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Suddenly deficits meant nothing and the spending flood gates were opened. The Democrats gladly ran through them and the barn door still isn’t closed.

3. STOP the WARMONGERING. Seriously, do we ever learn? From the Gulf War to Afghanistan and Iraq we have buried ourselves in war debt for no good reason. Now the Chinese are buying our debt and one day, if we are not careful, we will be at war with them too. Check out this site to see the cost of war since 2001 http://costofwar.com/ Just for Afghanistan and Iraq alone each family owes more than $18,500 to pay for our war expenses. Who gets this money? Warmongers get the money, those who have an interest in the war continuing because they are profiting from it. The sad fact is war is expensive, and men and material are required to wage war. I am not against any company making money on the war, they are necessary, I am against continuing a war with no stated mission, and no foreseeable end. I believe President Bush made a mistake going to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course I do not have all of the facts, but I think we can all agree that WMD was a bunch of BS!

3. START getting Dirty Harry mad when the Democrats lie about our agenda. How many times have you seen some dim-witted soft-spoken Republican go on T.V. and not defend himself against egregious Democrat lies, 100, 1000, 158,362??? Republicans need to shed the nice guy image, besides; the Republicans are the only ones who think they have a nice guy image. Romney ran a weak campaign, he didn’t attack Obama’s record, he didn’t attack Obama’s policies, and he didn’t drive home the Conservative agenda. We need someone like Clint Eastwood, not Pee Wee Herman to forward Conservative ideas.

end of Part 1 Part 2 Coming Soon!

We Can Still Hope for the Mayan Apocalypse

Gloom, despair, and agony oh me, deep dark depression, excessive misery…

I always hated He Haw!

If that is how you are feeling since the election I am commiserating with you.  Romney the Magical Mormon didn’t get the job done against the Magic Negro. (Magic Negro is a term coined by David Eherenstien of the L.A. Times, and is not meant as a racial slur.)  Once again the G.O.P. has dropped the ball and conservatives have egg dripping off their chins on to their stiffly starched shirts.

The pundits are giving us all kinds of reasons for the defeat including but not limited too: Hurricane Sandy, Evangelicals stayed home and Conservatives stayed home.  They are telling us we either shot ourselves in the foot, or Americans are so fickle that a storm changed the minds of millions about the election.

I want to look at this in a more rational light.  Why did Romney the Magical Mormon lose this election?  The bottom line is he did not get his message out, and the message he had was not strong enough.  Romney did a fantastic job in the first debate but then coasted in the other two debates.  Instead of pouncing on the embattled Obama he coyly ruffled the President’s hair and tried to be the father figure Obama never had.  Instead of cramming Obama’s record down his throat like Paul Sheldon crammed his final Misery novel down Annie Wilks throat, he spoon fed Obama’s record to him like a little baby boy, not forgetting to wipe the excess off his chin with his bib, microfiber because it is so very soft.

He didn’t get outta the cock-a-doodie car!

Romney decided to run a nice guy campaign.  While Obama was accusing Romney of being a “Vulture” Capitalist, Romney remained silent, when Obama said Romney belonged in prison because of his taxes, Romney remained silent, when Obama said Romney let some woman die of cancer, Romney remained silent, when Obama killed an ambassador and three other brave Americans, Romney remained silent, when Obama put out false unemployment numbers in October, Romney remained silent, when Obama gave billions to alternative energy corporations that contributed to Obama’s campaign and went bankrupt, Romney remained silent, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (by the way, it is eT-cetera not eXcedra or however some of you mis-say it!)

President Obama gave Candidate Romney more than enough ammunition to defeat President Obama and become President Romney, but Candidate Romney refused to fire a single shot at President Obama; proving once again the old adage, nice guys finish last.  Mormons are terminally nice and we were duped into nominating the nice Mormon as the G.O.P. candidate.  In the words of the famous golfing rocker, No More Mr. Nice Guy.  Next time around we had better nominate a head bashing hard-core conservative and not a soft-spoken Ward Cleaver type candidate.  But….we probably will nominate some Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole loser type, who will be just conservative enough to satisfy a portion of the conservative Republicans but not too conservative to alienate the moderate and liberal Republicans.

Some would say the Republicans have started to take steps down a more moderate road, but this is not true.  The Republicans have jumped into a Toyota Prius and jammed the accelerator through the floor board down the liberal superhighway.  It is preposterous to think that Republicans can regain power by becoming Democrats.  The Republican party needs an enema, make that a colonic.  In the words of my father this needs to happen not in six months not in two years but right now.

Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss, and John Boehner need to go, and go now, but they won’t.  They will continue to roll over and give Obama their soft under belly to eviscerate.  Take heart my Conservative friends we always have the Mayan Apocalypse, and it is less than a month away!

Oh well, maybe next year…

Why You Should not Vote for Romney

Romney is a freaking Mormon.  Mormons believe there are little blue men on the moon dressed like Quakers, Mormons believe you have to wear magic underware, and Romney has them on right now.  Mormons believe that Jesus came to America and preached to the lost tribes of Israel.  Mormons believe that Jesus and Adam are one and the same.  They believe Elohim was a man living on a planed called Kolob and Elohim achieved godhood through his own virtuous living.  Mormons think men who only have one wife are under-achievers, Mormons believe women should have kids till their uterus falls out, and Mormons teach their kids to knock on strangers doors before they teach them to walk.  Mormons are a false religion at best with strong whacko-cult drink the Koolaid kind of tendencies.  Except for Steve Young and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) who despite being Mormon are pretty sweet….gosh!

Mitt Romney claims to be a conservative, but he is just a stinking liberal in a black suit with a red tie.  Mitt Romney will destroy this country and turn us all into cannibalistic polygamists.  Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaacccccccccccchhhhhhhhh (squealing the breaks)

We are not electing a pastor, we are electing a President.  Romney’s religious views are no more strange than Obama’s.  Obama’s pastor is a certifiable nut job, that is unless Obama’s pastor is actually an Imam, which is still a nut job, but not a pastor.  Truth is we have no idea what Obama’s real views on spiritual matters is, and voting for a third-party candidate is the same thing as not voting.  If you voted for or are planning to vote for a third-party candidate please send me $100.00, because obviously it doesn’t bother you to throw away important things.

If we base our vote on a spiritual criteria we have problems as Independent Fundamental Baptists.  Bush is a stinking Methodist, his daddy is Episcopal, Reagan was Disciples of Christ, Ford was Episcopalian, Nixon was a Quaker of all things, Johnson was a S.O.B. Kennedy was a Catholic, and Eisenhower may or may not have been a Jehovah’s Witness.  The only Baptist presidents were (hold your nose) Clinton, Carter, Truman, and Harding.  The first three are Democrats and Harding was a Republican.  So if we use some basic messed up logic here we, as Baptists, should vote for the Democrats. …NOT!

In all seriousness, please do not allow the fact that Romney is a Mormon dissuade you from voting for him.  None of our conservative icons were Baptist, and some of them had some messed up spiritual views.  I hope we get some change today and Romney takes this election in a landslide.  I voted for him last week with a crowd of people…at a Baptist church. (Southern Baptist that is)

If I was a Democrat I would tell you vote early, vote often, but I believe in one man one vote, so go vote, even if you are not a man! Please remember all those who are voting for Obama must vote on Wednesday.

Why You Should Not Vote for Romney


“What is written in your heart will be
written on your face.”

That is one of my favorite quotes. (I like the ones that bite.) The truth of that statement is strong enough to knock a person down.  When I think of that truth, and this one:

“Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man;
but that which cometh out of the mouth,
this defileth a man.”
~Matthew 15:11,

my initial reaction is to take a vow of silence. I’ve been thinking about this lately with regards to social media. Twitter, for all intents and purposes, seems to me to be for the most part either the internet’s equivalent of a bad billboard or a trough of emotional vomit. I initially was going to just post examples of the bile, but I can’t bring myself to post them. They sadden me too much.

Some teenagers I know post from…

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The Slings and Arrows of iBFers

It has been quite a journey for me this last year. I have suffered many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but I am alive yeah uh huh. ($5 to anyone who can name both references I just made) I do not feel like I have really done any good with this blog.  It is a source of constant trouble for me.  I am now thinking that I will move on to other topics besides beating up on poor defenseless innocent iBFers.  I am not going to shut down my blog, but I am going to change the focus.  I am tired, dog tired boss (another reference for you to guess) and I do not think my blog is having any impact on the iBFers, in fact, I know it is not.  All I am doing is poking the junk yard dogs, and junk yard dogs are mean.  Some say I am mean, and I would agree, I am a bitter twisted man who doesn’t want to be bitter and twisted anymore.  I hate what has happened to me, and I hate even more that I have allowed it to happen.  The idiots I have mentioned in my blog are not worthy of my efforts to point out their salacious ways.  The names I have mentioned are men who are not capable of rational thinking when it comes to the empires they have built, so I am through tilting at their windmills. (and we have another reference, what’s that make, three now?)  I have said just about all I can say on the subject of iBFer-ism and I sincerely hope that those of you who have been helped by these posts will steer clear of the spiteful little men, and forgive me where I have been spiteful and little.  I do not regret anything I have written.  I do not regret the tone in which I have said them, and I do not regret taking a real stand against the evil of this system of manipulation and empire building.  I hope that you will continue to read my blog, and I hope I can continue to entertain and inform you.  I am not quite sure what I will blog about, but I can assure you that I will be blogging.

As for my detractors, I want to address you specifically here and now.  I will not publically answer your Tweets, I will not answer your comments on this blog nor will I post them.  If you want to contact me to try and make amends or to apologize you know how to contact me.  If you want to bait me or harass me, just keep it to yourself.   I would ask that you stop the gossip about me, stop mentioning me on Twitter, stop talking about my wife, and stop the lies.  As for me, I forgive you, but I want nothing to do with you.  I will not mention you on Twitter or Facebook; I will not be contacting you.  Before you begin to crow Mr. or Ms. Anonymous your comment to me has no bearing on my decision whatsoever, so please do not mistakenly take credit for it.  I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore (yet another reference, I’m a regular Dennis Miller) and you detractors are not worthy of my time.  I am sure you will take offence from time to time at what I will write, but you will not be mentioned by name or by anecdote in my blogs ever again.  Therefore when you take offence, realize it is your own sick ego telling you I am talking about you, it is your own need to cause strife, it is your own desire to play politics, it is not me mentioning you.  You and I are through.  I refuse to let you bother me anymore.  One more thing, keep your little minions off my back too please.  I have blocked you all on Twitter, and I will continue to block anyone who thinks I am not serious and decides to try and cross swords with me. I’m done with you goodbye.

As for those of you who have supported me, even though you haven’t always agreed with me or liked how I have said what I have said, thank you.  I love you, and you will be hearing from me.  I am seriously considering taking up politics on my blog.  I believe in freedom and I fear for our country in this coming election.  Then again I may just take a different direction and blog about God and the Bible and true faith without the baggage of IFB or iBF issues.  I am after all a fundamentalist (that is decidedly a small “f” fundamentalist) and I believe I can contribute in a more loving and encouraging manner.

Lastly for now, I want to thank you mom for your love and support, for you wisdom and encouragement, and for your patience and understanding.  I love you mom.

Why Fundamentalism is Doomed to Failure Part 2

The Fundamentals!

Back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Fundamentalism, as a movement in Baptist churches is doomed to failure.  The fundamentals of faith will never fail, they are eternal, but the movement which was started in opposition to liberal interpretation of biblical doctrines is doomed to fail.  It is not doomed to fail because of the ideas of Fundamentalism, it is doomed because of the implementation of those ideas.  In part 1 we looked at several reasons Fundamentalism is doomed to failure.  I want to crystallize those reasons and recap them here.

1. Fundamentalism is doomed to failure because we accept false teachers, like Jack Schaap, based on pedigree not doctrine.

2. Fundamentalism is doomed to failure because we worship men instead of God.

3. Fundamentalism is doomed to failure because of its ever-changing often unknowable standards.

4. Fundamentalism is doomed to failure because it preaches preferences in lieu of doctrine.

5. Fundamentalism is doomed to failure because it demonizes and marginalizes those who disagree with the movement in any manner.

There are several other reasons Fundamentalism is doomed to failure.  First and foremost it is doomed to failure because we have substituted sharp sayings for sound doctrine.  We no longer teach and preach doctrine from our pulpits as we should.  Instead we have replaced eternal truths from the Bible with platitudes and topical messages which have little to no bearing on daily Christian living.  Most topical messages can be summed up in three points.  Salvation, Sanctification, and Service could be the main points of almost any modern topical IFB message.  The pat answer to this charge is: “Oh yeah, well Jesus preached topical messages.”  There are three problems with that statement. 1. Those who make such statements are not Jesus.  2. Jesus audience was Israelite and had a base of knowledge which is not usually present in gentiles.  3. Jesus “topical” messages were calling people to turn to God’s Christ which was of course Jesus.  The typical topical message you hear today urges you to be saved, be separate from the world, and serve the church.  That’s right, I said serve the church, not God mind you, the church.

Topical Message Generator!

The Bible tells us there would be a famine for the hearing of the word of God, and we are living in that famine.  The Bible said there would be a falling away in the last days, and we are falling hard and fast and looking sharp while we are doing it.  There is however a solution.  The solution is expository preaching.  I am going to name names but don’t go getting your dander up.  I do not agree with every application I have heard from this preacher, but Lawrence Mendez is a good example of an expository preacher.  He studies the scriptures and tries to pull every ounce of truth out of them.  I do always agree with how he applies those truths but I believe he is diligently seeking the truth in the Bible and not just finding texts to prove his points.  One thing that I was taught at Midwestern Baptist College, but seldom saw practiced, a preacher should not read into the scriptures what is not there.  He should not force his thoughts into God’s declarations.  Another preacher who sticks to what God said is Dr. Joseph Fortna.  He was one of my teachers at MBC and he was without a doubt the most qualified instructor the college has had in years.  He constantly warned us about the dangers of imposing our ideas on the word of God.  He is a meticulous note taker and a studious man who loves the word of God and has tremendous respect for what God has said, not for what some man taught him.  This should be every preachers mindset.

The mind of Christ is the mind of a servant not a master. Philippians 2:1-5

Far too many IBF and IFB preachers impose their ideas on to the scriptures.  It is a hard task not to force your ideas into God’s declarations but integrity is the wall which should keep the preacher from abusing God’s word.  The main problem is we do not have many preachers with such integrity.  I do not say this to insult preachers.  Men have the propensity to be men; we want a following, we crave attention, and we desire power.  If we can attach our ideas to “thus saith the Lord” we can instantly have all three.

It is a difficult and sometimes Herculean task to extricate yourself and your ideas from the homiletic process.  In other words, it is hard not to try to build a following, gain attention, and garner power through the sermons you preach; after all you have to keep them coming back for more.  Certain preachers, evangelists in particular, have a difficult time not imposing their ideas on the truths of the Bible because a large portion of their job is marketing.

It is a difficult and sometimes Herculean task to extricate yourself and your ideas from the homiletic process

Evangelists are voracious self promoters.  They are constantly branding themselves and coming up with new ways to spread the word about how awesome they are.  That is why an evangelist will have someone transcribe their messages bind them in a book and then claim they are an author.  That is why an evangelist will write a tract and try to sell it by the thousands to every church he visits.  That is why he has a book table, full of CD’s DVD’s and poster cards that you can purchase.  He has to keep his brand in your face so you will keep him coming back so he can pay his bills.  Are there truly any evangelists who are seeking revival?  I seriously doubt it…((((but I have been corrected, see the comment from Stacy below)))))  Check out their Facebook pages and their Twitter accounts, go to their meetings and see what they are really promoting.  I am not against a man making a living in the ministry, but what is the legacy of an evangelist? Evangelists, by and large, are self promoting side shows of Fundamentalism.  Many of them do not care if they help a church or blow a church up.  The joke is the evangelist blows in, blows up, blows out, and blows away to the next church leaving the pastor to clean up the aftermath.  I have sat at tables with them and heard it for myself from their own mouths.  This is a problem in Fundamentalism which is causing its doom.

We have to understand that God has predestined us to serve Him, not the church but God.  We use the church as a vehicle for service, but it is a tool and not the whole shebang.  Serving God goes much deeper than showing up to every service.  It is in your heart, the seat of your emotions, and your head, the seat of your intellect, and your soul.  God wants a change in us from the flesh to the spiritual.  God wants us to be conformed to the image of Christ.   How do we do this?  That is what preaching should be for.  Instead, we get the same old message repackaged a thousand different ways and we end up like the Hebrews slavishly mashing mud and straw to build bricks for our human master’s glory.  There is nothing wrong with Salvation, Sanctification, and Service, but there is something wrong if that is all your preacher knows how to preach, and it is killing fundamentalism.