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The Immigration Lie


In 1776 we declared our independence from England.  At that point our founding fathers considered the colonists to be Americans.  Even then America was a melting pot which came from the majority of the countries in the world.  Today we have people from every country in the world and we are the third largest population in the world behind India and China.  Unlike India and China we have people from all over the world who have immigrated to the United States of America.  The U.S.A. is unique among all nations in that for centuries now people have sought to come here to make a new life. Over the years our laws have changed and now we have an ever growing problem with illegal immigration.

In 2014 I married an immigrant to the U.S.A. and I have learned much about the path to citizenship since that time.  The path to citizenship is paved with dollar dollar bills y’all.  You have to pay the immigration attorney, the government, the courts, the USCIS and I am sure there are others with their hands out. This bunch of monkeys that we have in Washington D.C. will never do a thing to change or reform our immigration laws.  Illegal immigration is a big business which makes billions of dollars per year for attorneys.  What profession is most prevalent in the United States Congress: attorneys.  Illegal immigration will never go away, it will continue to be a problem for the rest of my lifetime and probably the lifetimes of our children’s children.

Until the late 1880’s there were no laws restricting immigration.  If we applied the laws of today to 1776 America many of us would be descendants of illegal immigrants.  Part of my family came to the shores of the New World in the 1600’s the rest immigrated here between the 1800’s and the  1840’s.  In 1882 Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act which severely limited the number of immigrants from China.  After that the legislation flood gates opened and here we are today.  It is worth noting that in 1986 the Immigration Reform and Control Act passed allowing four million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Since that time our government has laid out the red carpet and invited immigrants to enter our country illegally.


If you live in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador and you are barely getting by, and you want to come to America to change your life, good luck.  Go through all of the burdensome steps, try to get a visa to enter the USA. If you are doing well and live in one of those countries and try to get a visa, buenas suerte (good luck).  Chances are the government of the United States is going to invite you not to come to our land on a visa. In the past visas were available for the asking, now, you had better have some connections, some American Citizen connections if you want to legally come to the U.S.  It is easier and sometimes cheaper to pay a dangerous drug cartel a bunch of money to come across the Rio Grande.  Over the past 3 years I have seen some gross injustices with awarding visas to people from these countries. A mother who wanted to come see her dying daughter, a mother who wanted to be with her daughter on her wedding day, grandparents who wanted to see newborn grand kids, all denied visas and for what?

If I want to go to Honduras, I can board a plane and fly there without having to go to the Honduran Embassy.  The same is true for almost every country in the world.  All I have to do is go.  This is not so for the most free nation on the globe.  If you want to come here for any reason, you must first ask permission. Something is not right with this scenario.

We have either forgotten, or we never knew, about the influx of immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, China, Japan, and Vietnam, which all happened at different times but caused the same reactions.  These immigrants are stealing American jobs.  These immigrants refuse to assimilate.  These immigrants are dirty rotten thieves and criminals. It was not true then, and it is not true now.  Immigrants are seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

Adult immigrants have traditionally had a difficult time adjusting to a new culture and new language. The Italian immigrants who came here in the early part of the 20th century did not speak English, they did not know or understand our customs, and they did not assimilate into our culture in the first generation.  However, the subsequent generations quickly learned English, where raised with our customs, and assimilated completely into our culture.  Chances are, if you encounter the progeny of those immigrants they will know very little of the “old country” culture, they will not speak Italian, and the customs of Italy would be as foreign to them as they would be to you.


There are many lies and misconceptions about illegal immigration. Perhaps the worst lie is that the undocumented workers are stealing American jobs.  This is a complete lie with no basis in fact and completely illogical.  You cannot get a job with a company without a Social Security Number.  Undocumented aliens do not have documents and they surely do not have Social Security Numbers.  There are some who are processed and receive a number, but this number is to pay taxes and their card says not valid for work.  There are others who use fake numbers, or stolen cards, but there are very few of them, and if they are caught they will suffer a great perdition.

I know, I know, you have a friend who has a cousin who’s sister’s boyfriend  was in construction and he lost his job because of the damn illegal aliens. This is a lie, your friend’s cousin’s sister’s boyfriend was either out bid, out skilled, or out worked and he lost his job because he sucks. The reason that undocumented workers dominate the construction industry is because they work for less, they work harder, or they are more skilled than the American workers. The immigrant work force is putting capitalism and the free market to the test.  The only choice the American worker has is to step up his game and lower his prices.

The truth is that legal immigrants are stealing American jobs.  Our biggest problem is with the hundreds of thousands of H-1B Visas that are issued every year to people from China, India, Pakistan, and Middle Eastern countries.  Many corporations are hiring cheap labor from H-1B Visa holders.  These people will work for 1/3 of what a similarly qualified American worker will, and they cannot leave that corporation for a better paying job or they will lose their visa.  This is noting more than 21st Century indentured servitude, yet nobody says a thing about it.  Why do we not know about this, why is this issue not being discussed?  The reason is simple, you have been programmed to be angry about people who have come to this country exactly the same way your ancestors came. You have been programmed to be angry at those damn illegal aliens.  Meanwhile, there are true unfair labor practices going on right under your nose and it doesn’t phase you one bit. I have met some of these H-1B workers.  They live in pay by the week hotels, they do not have cars, and they are paid about 1/3 of what you would be paid.  This is why you can’t find a job, and why you can’t receive a raise.  Guess what, there are close to 2 billion Chinese, and over 1.5 billion Indians.  This country will never run out of cheap foreign labor.

Another lie is these people are criminals.  No, I am not mad at Donald Trump for what he said about the Mexicans coming here to the U.S.  He did not say anything incorrect, or racist.  Mexican is not a race, it is a nationality.  The successful Mexicans are not crossing the Rio Grande on a plastic raft.  The people Donald Trump was referring to are violent drug cartel members who do come here and who do commit crimes.  Your average run of the mill illegal alien wants to come here to improve his or her life and the lives of their family.  Just like my Irish progenitors in the 1840’s.  There was nothing for them in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras, so they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly, Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars.


The majority of illegal boarder crossings are done by people trying to improve their lot in life.  Many of them eventually obtain a legal status and become productive members of our society.  Some of them do go on to commit crimes, some of them will murder, rape, and steal, but these are mostly isolated cases, just like in our American society.  The violent drug cartel members however skew the statistics. Every single one of them are coming here to kill, steal and destroy. Their crimes reflect badly on poor old Juan Valdez who came here to live with his cousin Pedro and work for his uncle Alberto’s construction company. He might get a little drunk on the weekends and but he is no different than Sid Little who moved to Detroit to make a better life for his family and liked to get a little drunk on the weekends.  The only real difference is Sid Little crossed state boarders in his own country.

It is also a lie, and illogical,  that undocumented aliens are sucking our social services dry.  Come to Harris County Health and Human Services without a Social Security Card and see how far you get. Come there with a fake card, or a stolen card and see how long it takes them to catch you.  Illegals are not getting welfare, food stamps or Medicaid. However, people with visas can receive benefits.

Yet another lie concerning illegal immigration is they are lazy and do not want to work.  Imagine that, people who are stealing American jobs are lazy and do not want to work. That Myth is busted


Another lie is that the illegals do not pay taxes and send all of their money back to their home country.  Again, this is completely illogical. I do not know of a state that does not have sales tax.  Every gallon of gas purchased has a federal tax.  Every time they pay rent, register a car, buy groceries, chattel, a car or anything else they pay tax.  Some of them even register their businesses with their state and register with the IRS and receive a Tax Identification Number to pay income tax.

There is not a single illegal alien here that sends all of their money back to their home country either.  These people do send money home, but this money is to help their family.  Here is a question for you doubters.  What I do with my money is none of your business and vice versa.  How is it any of our business what they are doing with the money they have earned?  It is true that billions of dollars go to Mexico, Central America and South America, but multiplied billions more stay right here to be spent in our economy by these illegal aliens.

Finally, the last lie, illegals hurt our economy.  POPPYCOCK!  Most states are not like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  These states share a boarder with Mexico, and have millions of undocumented people living in their cities. If we were to suddenly deport these millions of people our economies would suffer greatly.  Whole apartment complexes would become vacant overnight; grocery stores, clothing stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and  malls would close their doors.  Neighborhoods would become ghost towns.  Suddenly there would be thousands of cars, left to rot in parking lots, whose owners were simply gone. Utility companies would lose revenue. Construction projects would stop in their tracks, babysitters would not show up for work, houses would go uncleaned, restaurants would lose workers, lawns would go un-mowed, it would be a disaster.  The people who crossed the boarder illegally not only contribute to our economy, they are helping our economy.

Hispanic immigrants who have entered the country illegally are industrious hard working people.  Their politics usually suck, but their work ethic and their desire to succeed are the same as was found in the European immigrants of the 18th 19th and 20th century. They start businesses, they participate in the economy, they are an asset and not a burden to our society.  The only difference between my ancestors, and the illegal aliens of today is time.  When my people came here the manner in which they came was not prohibited by law.  If they came that way today they would be illegal aliens too.

I do not advocate open boarders, however I do not advocate deporting millions of people who are now living here.  We have to stop the illegal boarder crossings, we must close the boarder with Mexico, we must build a wall.  The United States must also reform its immigration laws.  Our immigration system is indeed broken and it is hurting our citizens. We must stop taking in the job stealing H-1B indentured servants, and we must stop allowing people to come into this country illegally; but we must also have compassion for those that are already here.  Since we have allowed this to continue for the last 30 years we must seek a solution for these people who have been encouraged to come.  We must give these immigrants a path to citizenship.  Personally I would advocate a minimum of 10 years waiting time before they are given voting rights but that is a whole other post.

In the raging debate over immigration remember, we are talking about people just like you, people who have families just like you, people who love and laugh and work and play, just like you.  Remember to be compassionate towards them and patient with them because sometime in the distant past, or in the not so distant past, your family were immigrants.



Insane People Insane World Part 3 The Fuzz

I want to explore the issue of police a little more.  If you recognized the term “the Fuzz” congratulations you are old.  For those of you young whippersnappers who are unfamiliar with that term “the Fuzz” is 70’s and 80’s slang for the police.

Police have way too much power these days.  I believe this power is perceived power rather than actual lawful power.  I think that departments are assuming control where they have no legal authority to assume control.  Look at how the police are becoming militarized.  Today it is becoming more and more common to see police looking like some combat force, rather than the customary neighborhood cop walking a beat.

Good question

Good question

Cops have a tough job, there is no doubt about it.  However consider this, crime statistics keep dropping but the police activity keeps intensifying.  Why do the cops automatically assume I am some kind of felon when they stop me for speeding or other minor traffic violations?  Why do cops think they have a right to ask me for identification?  Why do cops automatically assume I am doing something illegal?  Why do cops come after minor law breakers when they know where the real bad guys are?  Why have cops stopped patrolling for the people and started managing the people? Watch this exchange I found on YouTube.

If you watched the video you saw a young man who was pretty shaken up over his encounter with the police, and no wonder.  The first cop clearly has his hand on his gun.  The second cop looks like he is a gunslinger in the old west with his gun slung low for a quick draw.  I have never been to Middletown, Connecticut but I can’t imagine it is worse than Detorit, Michigan.  Also notice the military type uniform on the police in small town America.  These guys look like they are ready for an invasion not like they are serving and protecting a community.  By the end of the video the young man is shaking so badly he cannot hold the camera straight but he challenges the cops with the constitution they swore to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Unfortunately, they seem to be the domestic enemy.  This young man showed great bravery, but he also was asking for a confrontation.  Police seem to be extremely nervous whenever you video tape public areas or persons.  Especially when you videotape them.  Here is another example.

This video shows why it is necessary to record cops.  Cops are out of control.  They have a perception of power which is not granted to them through the constitution.  I am sick and tired of the idea that because you have a badge and a gun you are my boss.  I am your boss, and you are here to serve and protect me.  That means that I don’t have to identify myself, you must identify yourself.  I am not guilty of any crime, even if you arrest me I am not guilty.  The state has the burden of proving me guilty.  Just because you claim to be suspicious does not mean I have committed a crime.

 I am sick and tired of the idea that because you have a badge and a gun you are my boss

I am sick and tired of the idea that because you have a badge and a gun you are my boss.

You can spend hours watching YouTube videos of cops violating rights, beating innocent people, killing people and falsely arresting people.  It is disturbing and it has nothing to do with race, everything to do with these out of control cops.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZdDWTjvJyM – Arrested for drinking Arizona Iced Tea

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuZM056rusk – Arrested for picking his son up at school

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7HwWNaWbd4 – Arrested for asking questions at a school board meeting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MhDDqq73pc – Arrested for asking questions, and for asking for a pen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fY20sSeikw – I have no clue

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQrvmzRHzaA – Beaten for using a cell phone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8qTRbrC6ws – Beaten for arguing with a friend.  19 different cops in this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLNNXCz9-gQ -Beaten for asking for her phone call while hand-cuffed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQvhHdEPINA – Knocked out for smoking a cigarette

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD0qEjnxdYM – Tazered while hand-cuffed for spitting on a cop

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKTYcBHJKow – Tazered for being handicapped

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZMUnAJTuFA – Shot and beaten

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG9SHQTDIoE – Shot while in bed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSPhC916GQM – Killed for rolling up her window

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbI5HHz7fJU – Killed for refusing to give cops his ID

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWQ5lu8jSMc – Killed for camping

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pecE_wq4auA – Killed for no reason (warning very graphic)

Another issue is minor traffic violations.  Think about it, do you speed, run red lights, stop signs, make illegal U-turns and commit other traffic violations.  The answer you are searching for is YES, you do.  Everyone who drives has committed minor traffic violations.  I commute roughly 35 miles a day.  I am going to violate the traffic laws from time to time and probably on a weekly basis.  Before you start pointing your finger at me, realize you do the same thing.  If the speed limit is 45 and you are doing 46 YOU LOSE SUCKER, you just violated the law and you are a criminal.  Unfriend me on Facebook, block me on Twitter, send nasty messages to my email, but you are a criminal.  So is everyone else on the road.  I am not a great violator of the law, but I will do 70 in a 60, I will California roll a right turn on red, and certain stop signs.  I will change lanes without signaling, and I will roll down the road sans seat belt.  On the weekends and sometimes during the week I drive for Uber.  Uber is a peer to peer rideshare service which has become very popular in major US cities and around the world.  I probably drive 500-1000 miles a week working Uber.  I am going to violate the traffic laws.

Think about this.  Why are there traffic laws? Most people would say public safety, but I challenge that notion.  If I am doing 70 in a 60 I am probably not going to cause many problems.  Yes, I know, speed kills; but in reality speed does not kill, excessive speed kills.  If I was doing 11o in a 60 now you have a case against me for endangering public safety.  Most speeding tickets are given to people going 10 – 15 miles over the posted limit.  Those folks are not going to cause an accident, they are not endangering other motorists, and they are not endangering themselves in the overwhelming majority of cases.  Nevertheless cops hand out tickets like Jehovah’s Witnesses hand out The Watchtower.  Have you ever asked yourself why?  The answer is clear and undeniable; revenue.  Many cities do not report the amount of revenue they steal from their citizens through “traffic violations.”  If you pass enough laws and ordinances everyone will be guilty and everyone will be forced to pay.  Is this why we have police?

Better get your papers ready.

Better get your checkbook ready.

The Houston Metropolitan area  has over 30 different policing departments, each employees a number of people to keep us safe.  Those people cost money, therefore those departments must justify their existence by writing tickets.  Are they really protecting and serving us?  The bottom line is this, when our rights come into conflict with their revenue our right will be violated.  Everything comes down to money.  Law enforcement in this day and age is very similar to the mafia of days gone by.  They are running a sophisticated and intricate protection racket and every day we applaud them for it.  Cops are not your friend, they are bill collectors with a gun and a badge and you had better watch out for them or you might just be the next Eric Garner.


Go ahead, do 30 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Go ahead, do 30 mph in a 25 mph zone.

If You Call Yourself a Preacher it is Okay to Lie

…it is also infects iBFer preachers like the Ebola virus crossed with the common cold

Disgusting behavior is not only reserved for the unwashed masses of our IFB churches; it is also infects iBFer preachers like the Ebola virus crossed with the common cold, and I’m not just talking about Jack Schaap here, although I can’t think of anyone who is guilty of more disgusting behavior.

I have been encouraged to name names in my posts and I have also been encouraged to do the right thing and just kill myself.  Can you imagine a man, who believes he is called by God to preach the gospel, telling another man he should kill himself? I have named some names but believe me what I said about them was the tip of the iceberg.  Mostly, I have kept the iBFers names out of my posts, but part of me wants to make a list and check it twice and put all their naughtiness on display for everyone to see.  Instead I try to keep everything on a more gentlemanly level.  I do not always succeed, but it is better to fail every once in a while than to fail with almost every Tweet you plaster on Twitter from the fake Twitter account you hide behind and pretend no one knows you are that guy.

Everyone konws you are that Guy!

I am posting this because I want to commiserate with those who have been, and are in my shoes.  I want to be a shoulder for those who are just starting to get beat up, and I need the shoulders of those who have old bruises and cuts that just wont quite heal.  I am miserable, I am sickened, and I am disillusioned, but that is usually the case when you pull the wool from off your eyes.

Many “preachers” of the iBFer sort want to think, and even tell one another, that I started all of this because I failed, quit the ministry and blame John Hamblin,(there, I named a name) God, the virgin Mary, Dr. Malone, Dr. Carr, Midwestern Baptist College and a whole host of others.  This could not be further from the truth as John, David Carr, and others could tell you.  All of this stuff was coming out regardless of my status in the eyes of pretended ministers.  I did not quit the ministry or disqualify myself in any way.  I did not fail, in the ministry I did not run a church into the ground, I did not destroy my life.  (All of this sounds so familiar, have I said it before?)

I’m coming clean…it is Mary’s fault!

The church from which I resigned is now thriving, just as it was when I resigned.  Not only is it thriving but it has grown and is growing under the leadership of a pastor who is under the leadership of the head of the church which is Jesus Christ not John, Shelton, Paul, Clarence, Bob, Troy or any Jack.

NEVERTHELESS (he says with emphasis) certain “men of God” continue to lie about me and spread rumors.  How do I know this you ask?  First and foremost it keeps getting back to me.  Do you really think I don’t hear what you are saying about me and my family?   Do you iBFers think that if you gossip it doesn’t spread?  iBFer “preachers” are bigger gossips than the most prodigious Ladies Mission’s Circle.  To include my family in your lies is especially vicious, nasty, malicious and cruel.  I have kept your family out of my blog posts, but you do not have an ounce of class because you have attacked my family.  How dare you, shame on you.  Secondly you have the gall to spew your lies all over Twitter and Facebook.  You insulting vermin, you wouldn’t for a moment have the fortitude it takes to say any of that trash to my face.  You know I could snap your puny neck like a matchstick, so you hide behind distance and Twitter, fed lies which you willingly repeat by a nefarious nincompoop evangelist with a Napoleonic complex bigger than the Burg Khalifa, and everybody knows he is the Cee-Lo Green of Fundamentalism†.  Thirdly, you high and mighty evangelists pastors

With apologies to Cee Lo!

and teachers keep alienating people, who you have no reason to alienate, and in making them your enemy through your antics, you de facto make them my friend.  Some of you have stated many times that you don’t need anymore friends.  Well I do, and I am glad for the friends I have no matter the manner in which we became friends.  So you can make fun of them for being Calvinists, even though you have never had a serious discussion with them about what they believe and why, you can make fun of them being nobodies going nowhere (see my post by that title), you can make fun of them for being stupid, which is your go to insult when you have lost an argument, you can even make fun of them for being liberal, which you define as someone who is not as fundamental as you are, because fundamentalism is a contest in your mind.

In the last year I have heard a multitude of lies about me.  All of which are lies because not a single one of the people I have mentioned by name or description has tried to contact me, and what they are saying is untrue.  Oddly enough many of the people they said were losers have contacted me and have been an encouragement to me.  For you all I am grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As for my former friends and mentors let me quote my favorite rapper Slug  “…as for your last impression, thanks for that lesson.  I won’t trust you again getting better at choosing friends, this time the loser wins, ’cause I’ve learned how to cut off the looser ends.”

From this experience I have learned that iBFers have rules just like in Star Trek.  Their prime directive seems to be kick a man when he is down…and tell him to kill himself.  I will survive, I will continue to blog, and I will continue to try to pull the wool off the eyes of the good people who want to serve God in a church that is concerned about truth and true biblical Christianity.  God loves us, even the iBFers even though we sure don’t love each other.  So spread your lies you iBFers, spread your gossip, slam me and my family, and I will continue to take you down precept by precept, line upon line in my blog.  Not one of my detractors has ever argued against the things I have said in my blog, they continue the personal attacks and lies and rumor spreading.  Is that the kind of man you want preaching to you?  -End Rant

†Rest assured I would never snap anyone’s neck, really I wouldn’t.  Bloody a nose, break an jaw….maybe, but I would never snap a neck.

Lying, it is a sin even when preachers do it.

How to Recognize an iBFer Preacher II

You can’t take preaching, you can’t even take announcements!

Oh yeah, you know I could not just leave it at one post on this subject.  You can’t take preaching, you can’t even take announcements!  I stole that from an iBFer evangelist who stole it from some other iBFer…and I just want to give credit where credit is due.  I understand humor, and I know that sometimes men use humor in the pulpit, but it is important to know that many of your favorite iBFer preachers view humor as an anesthetic before they lay something on you that is difficult for you to take, or that they perceive is difficult for you to take.  Whether or not it is difficult to take is meaningless.  Many people are able to distinguish between common sense and stupidity under normal circumstances, but when the self-proclaimed man of God tells you thus and such, you had better snap to sir, ma’am if you served me them boxed potatoes I’d throw ’em on the floor ma’am. (sorry Tony Hutson broke into my house accessed my wordpress account opened this post and wrote that) Usually it involves a veiled insult towards you or your actions.  Going to the movie house, that’s trash Rory….  You need a point of reference on that last comment so check this out.

Now these fellas are making a joke out of things us fundys say and do.  I do not know them, I do not know how serious they are, I am not sure if they are preachers or not , but I know this video is supposed to be humor.  The problem is the things they say in jest I have heard from pulpits and the men saying them were as serious as could be.  If we are going to take a stand against the movie house, then we should take a stand against movies in general.  All movies, not just the ones we find objectionable, but every single movie including It’s a Wonderful Life.  Why you ask; because in some manner they are all connected to organizations who promote things we find objectionable.  Why would we watch Disney movies when the Disney corporation supports homosexual causes.  Since they do support homosexual causes we should extricate ourselves from all things Disney.  No more Mickey Mouse, no more Cars or Cars 2, no Snow White, no Disney none of the time.  Nevertheless, most preachers I know have Disney movies in their homes on DVD, but they would never go to the movie house to see them.  Why the double standard?  Now extrapolate that thought to everything else, and we begin to see an emerging problem, hypocrisy.  If hypocrisy is permitted in small doses then the larger doses of hypocrisy become easier to swallow.   We are all guilty of being hypocritical from time to time, but most folks try not to make a habit of practicing hypocrisy, that is of course most folks who are not iBFers.

Perhaps instead we should use some discernment and make up our own minds about the movie house and what we should and should not see there.  The hypothetical arguments really don’t hold water. You may be familiar with them.  If you go to see Cars 2 in the same movie theater that is playing a rated R movie with highly objectionable material and another church member sees you walking out of the theater they might assume you saw the rated R movie.  You are being a bad example to them, and what if they are the weaker brother.  Well, now you have done it. Since you went to the movie they will probably go out to the bad side of town buy some marijuana stop in at Chili’s drink liquor and run out to a Comic Con on Disney Princess night and party like it’s 1999.  By the way, why was the other church member near the movie house in the first place?  Are they backsliding?  Are they living in sin?  Were they at the objectionable film?

It is this kind of judgmental attitude which infects the heart of the iBFer.  Jesus cautioned us to judge with righteous judgment.  We are to judge, but judge fairly. This is where the problem seems to be.  We have a hard time letting our brothers and sisters be themselves, and an even harder time minding our own business.  The Bible also has much to say about busybodies, and none of it is positive.  If we could look at our fellow-man as a work of God in progress and stop trying to dictate to him his own behavior, but instead teach him to follow Christ, our churches would be much better and more healthy places.

In Michigan they sell liquor in grocery stores.  They also sell liquor at Chili’s.  Some preachers I know will not set foot in Chili’s because it says Grill and Bar on the sign but they have no qualms about going to the grocery store.  They also have no problem going to Applebee’s.  Applebee’s is fine Chili’s is of the Devil.  Can someone reasonably explain this double standard to me?  If this is your personal view that is fine, but keep it out of the pulpit.  Jesus does not care if you eat at Chili’s or Applebee’s.  Do not try to convince me that going someplace like Chili’s causes the stink of alcoholism to become mystically attached to me but going to Applebee’s is just fine.  There is a big difference between Chili’s and Applebee’s.  Chili’s bar is usually behind a wall and mostly separate from the rest of the restaurant, but Applebee’s bar is in the middle of the place and visible from just about every seat in the house.  Chili’s=Satanistic EVIL  Applebee’s=Family FUN!  I am not speaking out of school on this, I have actually heard preachers waste pulpit time preaching on this very subject.  (Sarcasm pending…and here it is) Yep, that got me closer to Jesus.  Do not equivocate a seedy bar and a restaurant like Chili’s unless you are going to lump your local Kroger store in with the whole bunch.



These are just two examples of common themes among iBFer preachers.  It gets much worse especially when they begin to tiptoe around actual spiritual matters.  Take for instance soul winning.  In our circles soul winning is the ace number one activity in which you can participate; that is as long as you are doing it using the correct methods.  What is the correct method?  Door to door and confrontational naturally, and or the time-honored tradition of passing out tracts.  For most people the thought of touching the door of a complete stranger causes them to get a bad case of the scupums.  (Scupums are a cross between hiccups, the shakes, and severe bladder control issues, I made it up.) Most people do not possess the skills necessary to engage a stranger in a conversation, especially a spiritual conversation.  Yet we as preachers continue to jam down their throats the idea of going door to door to win the lost.  There is nothing wrong with door to door soul winning, but it is not the only God approved method of doing so.  iBFers demean, and ridicule just about any other method of soul winning.  They are convinced that the only way to successfully win someone to the Lord is to knock on their door and lead, drag, or kick them down the Romans Road.  If this is your prefered method, great, do it, knock those doors, win those souls, but if I prefer another method leave me alone.  iBFers are also big on handing out tracts.  “If you don’t have a tract in your pocket right now, don’t even think about saying amen.”  “We are going to check you for tracts right now and if you don’t have one it tells us everything we need to know about your spirituality.” and “If you don’t have a tract in your pocket, you might as well be naked.” are just some of the things I have heard from pulpits concerning passing out tracts.  Should a Christian carry and hand out tracts on a regular basis?  NO…that’s right I said NO.  Most of the tracts I have read are garbage, trash Rory.  Most of them do not contain the gospel, they are confusing, and they bring up more questions than they answer.  It is a time-honored tradition to pass them out, but what do you think the average person does with the tract you just handed to them?  Trash Rory.

Let me give you something I wrote, it’s from the bible, I hope you enjoy that.

Christianity is spread by relationships established in trust.  I am not saying that knocking on doors is wrong or bad or that it should not be done.  I have literally knocked on thousands of doors, and I have seen the Lord save people on their front porch, but God has given me the ability to talk to strangers and engage them in a spiritual conversation.  I think most preachers have that ability, but I do not think most church members do.  What I have observed is church members being a witness for Christ with the people they talk to on a regular basis.  They talk to co-workers and friends about Jesus.  They may never knock on a single door, but they win folks just the same.  Instead of encouraging this behavior, preachers try to guilt the members into door to door confrontational soul winning.  Christians get sick and tired of being coerced to do something they are not good at, or are afraid to do.  So why not encourage them to keep doing what they are already comfortable doing?

If you died today, are you 100% sure I wouldn’t be the cause?

I wish that every one of you iBFers , especially the ones who claim not to read this blog, would take your head out of your…er..uh.. I mean…out of the sand on these preferential stands you are famous for making and really think about your ministry.  Trying to get everyone to adopt your standards is not why God called you to preach.  God did not call you to preach to build an empire and a legend around yourself.  God did not call you to preach to rule over people.  If God called you to preach at all, He called you to be a servant, to wash feet, to be a meek, loving, mild, helpful, and thoughtful man, apt to teach, not pound into skulls, spiritual truths and principles.  If that is not you, maybe God didn’t call you, maybe someone else influenced you to become a preacher.  I know God didn’t call you to become an iBFer.

The Bible is not a Cudgel

Cudgel n. A short thick stick of wood, such as may be used by the hand in beating.

It's not a cudgel you barbarian!

A few weeks ago I got into a Twitter battle with a rabid fundamentalist…er..uh I mean iBFer who wants to take me to task on multitudes of sins and crimes against him and fundamentalism as a whole.  Back and forth we went through out the day…bing, bang, zing, pow, crash, it was like the old Batman T.V. show from the 60’s, – can I get a witness, you gotta love old-time religion!  He said: “I wouldn’t give you two cents for someone in supposed leadership that lays out of…CHURCH! 2Cor. 3:2”  To which I replied, I wouldn’t give you two cents for an evangelist who uses the Bible as a cudgel.  Then I said I wouldn’t give you two cents for an evangelist who doesn’t know what a cudgel is.

Now to be fair I want to put the whole verse here because it is important to know what 2Cor. 3:2 says, and how it relates to what this national defender of the faith tweeted. II Corinthians 3:2  2Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: Now it is plain to see exactly what this National Sword of the Lord conference speaker meant. I mean it is painfully obvious what he was trying to say, plain as the nose on your face, plain as sand in a sand box, plain as….(insert sound of needle being dragged across record with speakers turned up to 75…if you remember that sound!) Hold the phone, wait just a minute.  This verse he quoted has nothing to do with what he said.  Or does it?

If you think about it he is trying to say everyone sees what a hot mess you are, everyone knows what a dirty dealing backsliding scum sucker you are, everyone knows how depraved you are, because you are known and read of all men.  Shame on you, you are an evil little twit and you have no business opening your mouth about anything because you don’t go to church and everyone knows it.  This Bible reference, coupled with the tweet, is so vague that the aforementioned is all I could come up with to describe what he must have meant.

A cursory reading of this verse would tend to make the reader think the writer was saying something good about the reader.  And in fact Paul was exhorting the Corinthians, not condemning them, and he did not mention one single thing about church attendance in the entire chapter.  Nevertheless, the evangelist in question has no qualms twisting the word of God to fit his desire to bash a brother, and whether or not he likes it, a fellow preacher.  Guys like this grab a Strong’s Concordance, look for one word and WHAM, BOOM, BASH, they fire the Bible buckshot into the backsliders backside!  They do not bother to consider the context, they just fire.  They do not consider whether or not the verse fits, they just fire.  It is not the lesson, but the fire with which the lesson is delivered that excites these “men of God.”

Now this may seem like splitting hairs, but listen folks, we are not talking about Shakespeare and one of his plays, we are talking about God and the Bible.  Now if my former bosom buddy had tweeted: “I wouldn’t give you two cents for someone in supposed leadership that lays out of…CHURCH! As You Like It act 2 scene 3  in which it says: Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.” not only would it have more relevance to what he was trying to say, but he would not have abused the written word of God in the process.  This is a frequent problem on Twitter, Facebook, and sadly in the pulpit as well.

You're not splitting my hair dude!

Too often an iBFer “man of God” will use the Bible to inflict verbal wounds on his hearers.  Is this what Christ would have us do?  Too often they hurl verses at men and women intended to bludgeon and maim not heal and edify.  Is that why God gave us the Bible?  This problem tends to bleed over into many other areas of ministry.

These iBFers reason that since they are the”man of God” they can use the Bible as a cudgel, because their knowledge is superior to yours.  Instead of studying to show themselves approved, they falsely use the Bible to make their points on myriad issues.  Another tweet by the same nationally published author says: “OFTEN in soulwinning, the problem is not with the sinner but with the…SAINT! John 4:27”  To be fair, Twitter does not afford the luxury of posting complete Bible verses along with commentary; you only have 140 characters to get your point across.  Perhaps the authors of such tweets use this to their advantage, be honest, how many times do you see a verse attached to a statement and not look up the verse?  I think these guys count on it.  Many on Twitter just put a verse, no commentary, just a verse, and let the Bible speak for itself.  To me that makes the most sense, God doesn’t need your comment to validate His word!  Getting back to the tweet at hand. . .

John 4:27 27And upon this came his disciples, and marvelled that he talked with the woman: yet no man said, What seekest thou? or, Why talkest thou with her?   

Jesus is speaking with the woman at the well in this passage.  The disciples are astonished and marvelled at this because 1. Jesus was speaking to a woman 2. Jesus was speaking to a Samaritan, and not necessarily in that order.  These things, and not the fact that Jesus was sharing Christ with someone, are why the disciples marvelled.  This tweet by the modern-day Billy Sunday, was meant to beat you over the head with the idea that you should be confronting people with the gospel, and you do not do it; YOU are the problem, not the wicked sinner. Again, this seems innocent because shouldn’t we be sharing our faith with people?  Yes, we should, no doubt about it.  BUT, and that was a big but…Is it ok to put words in other people’s mouths?  Is it ok to force your meaning into what someone else has written?  Is it just fine to mischaracterize the statements of others? No, no, and again I say no! It is not correct to do any of these things with anyone, and it is plain evil to do it with the Bible no matter what your intentions are.  Those who do these things are politicians, and too many of our preachers have become politicians.  Politics has turned our ministries into industries.

The disciples marvelled because Jesus spoke with a Samaritan and a woman, not because Jesus was sharing the gospel.

These preachers take this same practice to the pulpit.  Numerous times I have heard the same evangelist, and other preachers, state plainly as if it was common knowledge and written in the Ten Commandments, dead believers, are looking over the battlements of Heaven, gazing down to earth with delight in what we are doing for the Lord.  These “men of God” use Hebrews 12:1 as proof of this written in stone fact everyone and their brother knows.  However when we look at Hebrews 12:1 which says

Hebrews 12:1 1Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,  

Excuse me, grandma we're out of sugar could i borrow a cup?

We should realize this verse is not indicating Grandma and Grandpa, and the Apostle Paul are watching our actions.  Instead we must read all of Chapter 11 to realize that the “Hall of Faith” as we call it, is being referenced here. They have been a witness to us, and they have shown that we can lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and they show us we can run with patience the race that is set before us, because with God’s help they did it.   Remember, the chapter divisions and verse divisions are not inspired by God, they were put there by man for reference purposes. Hebrews 12:1 belongs in chapter 11.  So do verses 2, 3, and 4 in my opinion.  You are free to disagree, but when it was written there were no chapter divisions, and there can be no debate on that point.  Not to mention, the idea of passed on saints seeing us originated in the Catholic Church, by tradition, not by Bible.

The dead saints are not watching us from above; but this belief is symptomatic of the kind of sloppy hermanuetics and homiletics that are in play in fundamentalism today.  This is what happens when you dedicate yourself to topical preaching and call it Bible preaching.  What is the cure you ask?  You! You are the cure.  Do not let these Bible twisting scoundrels get away with it.  Stop following men, and start following God.  WE ALL have a tendency to be attracted to strong personalities, but there is no excuse to continue to let them deceive you.  When you find them to be in error, respectfully bring it to their attention, question them on it, ask them to defend their position, and when they cannot, or will not, quit going to their meetings, quit going to their church, quit participating in their empire building.  More than anything else, listen to every word, every phrase, every sermon with a critical ear, listening for error, but ready for the truth; and do not automatically assume they are doing it on purpose.  Some of these men are just parroting things they have heard from men they worship.  Others know exactly what they are doing and these men are engaging in false teaching, they are violating the meanings God has intended, they are using the Bible as a cudgel.

The Bible is not a cudgel!


Some claim to be pit bulls, I'm a panther and I eat pit bulls for lunch.


I received a phone call the other day from a true friend.  I have not spoken to this man for several months.  This friend asked me what was up with my blog.  He said he had heard several rumors about me, some of which were true, some which were false.  He said he kept hearing about my blog but he never read it himself.  I gave him the link and he read my blog posts.  He told me he liked what he saw, and like many others, sees the value in what I am saying.  This person is a fundamentalist, a real fundamentalist.  He is a preacher and a friend.

Other “friends” have decided to take to twitter to make surreptitious comments about my blog.  Referencing it in obscure little tweets, talking in code to their buddies, making light of me and my situation.  Very curious.

Still others send me messages on Facebook, Twitter, and here on my blog telling me to keep it up, encouraging me to continue.  I am not going away.  I will be casting more rocks into the rabid dog pack as time and inspiration permits.

The preceding was written several months ago.  I did not post it because I became busy with other things and decided to let things be for a while.  Oddly enough the pitiful potentates who have plagued me in the past are at it again, and a new round of blogs is on the way.  I am working on one now for those of you who care to read them.  Everything in this post is as true today as it was back in September when I originally wrote it.  Hang on to your hats, it is going to get real up in here!

Little Men Big Power 2

The Ghost of Fundamentalism's Future says: "Look on your future church!"

You want to know why your church is so small, it is because we stopped loving people and started loving judgment.  When I was a kid my dad used to get so mad at us, it was kind of humorous but tragic at the same time.  He was sure that the reason we didn’t pick up the piece of paper on the kitchen floor was to personally offend him.  We didn’t clean our rooms in an effort to offend him, we didn’t cut the grass, so that he would be offended, we didn’t get an A in math, just to upset him, we wore that shirt with a stain, just to make him angry.  We left a drinking glass on the table when we were clearing the supper dishes, because we were personally attacking him.  Some preachers are the same way.  That family missed Wednesday night just to make me mad.  That man is growing a goatee just to contradict me.  That woman is wearing pants because she is rebellious against her pastor.  That teen got a cross tattoo because he hates me personally.  All of them are backslidden, all of them hate God, all of them are going against the man of God!  We love to judge, but what happens when our judgment is false?  Our churches are small, our ministries are small, our mindset is small, our influence is small (that is not a bad thing) and in reality our faith is smaller than a mustard seed.

Do those ingrates not realize that I am to be obeyed; do they not understand pastoral authority?

Do those ingrates not realize that I am to be obeyed; do they not understand pastoral authority?  Do they actually think I do not know what is best for their lives and that I am an authority in all things, in all seasons?  Do they not know that I am THE MAN OF GOD?  Of course, once again let me stress that not every IFB pastor has this mindset, but far too many of them do.

Our churches are small because we give glory to men not God.  When I was a youth pastor, I saw a visiting evangelist (small “e” evangelist) point to my pastor, who was sitting on the platform,  and say “That man right there, sitting  in that chair, he is God to you.  He is not God, but he is God to you.  He represents God, therefore he is God to you on this earth.” WOW!  Guess which college this dude graduated from?  It starts with an “H” and ends with a “yles.”  To my pastor’s credit, he bowed his head and shook it softly signifying his humiliation and disagreement with the evangelist. (little “e”)  In my opinion he should have stopped that blasphemy right then and there,  sat that little “e” evangelist, publicly, and immediately, correct his heretical error and never invite him back.  That is what I would have done.  Then again, perhaps that is what my pastor wanted people to think; he is God to us.  To my knowledge my former pastor never corrected that error, even though I waited anxiously for

Little "e" evangelist!

it.  I will not judge his decision not to correct the error, maybe he just forgot about the satanic utterance from the little “e” evangelist, maybe he thought everyone knew better than to believe that, then again, maybe he did not really mind it at all.  Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, you do not deserve the credit for what God has done.  Now we all play the false humility card and claim that it is not me it is God, but our actions betray our words.  We gloat, we crow, we brag, we puff and pound our little chests and in our hearts we shout “I’m the king of the world.”  The character that made that line famous wound up sinking into the black of the North Sea.  Long live the king.

Many preachers have developed an US against THEM mentality; this is another reason our churches and ministries are small.  A man became sick with an aggressive form of cancer and died a few weeks after he was diagnosed.  Some might say this was the mercy of God.  Others claim this man was judged and killed by God.  This man had served as a deacon in his church for many years.  He was a solid fundamentalist, a real man of God and great faith.  He saw his church, the one he loved, and for many years personally cared for, being dismantled from the inside by the new pastor.  He brought his concerns to that new pastor, who ignored him, became offended at the suggestion he was doing anything wrong, and huffed and puffed and pouted around the church.  You see the pastor saw the deacon’s criticisms as a personal attack.  He saw them as rebellion.  He saw them as an attack. Where in the bible does it say we are not allowed to disagree with the pastor?  Where does it say that disagreement with the pastor is rebellion?  The deacon made a painful decision to leave the church in which he had invested much time, and given much money.  Three months after leaving his home church the deacon died.  That pastor claimed, and would claim to this day, that God killed that rebellious man.  Yep, God killed him dead.

When we have an US vs. THEM mentality, everybody bleeds.

If God killed that old, emphasis on old, man then I should have died a thousand times over.  When that old deacon died, the church in question was running almost 500 on Sunday mornings.  Now it is rare for 150 to be in attendance Sunday morning.  The pastor in question seems to have made it his goal in life to run everyone off and destroy a once strong, and even great church.  “People just aren’t concerned about the things of God anymore.”  His attitude towards the members is suspicion, he deals with them based on an unknowable formula of favoritism, he is a little man who thinks he has big power.  In reality he is a little dictator without power, no love for people, and no desire to do anything but watch his little empire fall to ruin.

Here is an interesting personal anecdote.  When I was a teenager, I withstood my pastor in a public fashion.  Dr. Bill Bennet, a gracious and truly wonderful man of God, decided to change the name of our church.  I didn’t like it, I instigated other teens to join me in voting against the name change.  On a Sunday night business meeting, with about 500 in attendance, we voted.  All in favor signify by raising your hand…hands everywhere, the motion obviously passed, all opposed please stand to your feet…BOOM, I shot up so fast I burned the back of my legs on the front of my chair.  (to my great distress my little brother beat me to the punch and was the first teen standing in opposition to the pastor) Me and about thirty other teens stood to our feet in direct opposition to the pastor.  Allow me to quote Eddie Vedder “I’m still alive, yayeee uh-huh-ahh!”  My “rebellion” against the man of God was public and even boisterous.  I had gathered to myself about 30 others to withstand him publicly.  So God will kill a man if he privately confronts a pastor, but when you publicly confront one you are in the clear?  Would you like to know what that pastor said to me?  NOTHING.  One of the deacons in the church cornered me the next Sunday before Sunday School and put me in my place.  He explained to me why I was wrong and told me in no uncertain terms that I had sinned against God and against the pastor.  I later went to the pastor and asked his forgiveness.  Dr. Bennet told me he forgave me and that what I did showed leadership, even though it was wrong.  He encouraged me not to quit being a leader, but he cautioned me to pick my battles.  He pastored me, he did not berate me, he did not threaten me with death from above, he pastored me.

The nameless pastor of the nameless fundamental church has worried and fretted about silly things.  He does not care about the Jones family and their money problems, he could care less about the recovering drug addict who used to sit on the front row, but now, due to neglect and mistreatment, will not even shake his hand.  His attention is not Mrs. Smith’s desire to serve God and help in any way she can, no you see, Mrs. Smith is a nut job, she talks too much and causes trouble.  She and the other ladies are conspiring against the pastor and his wife.  They gossip, they get together for scrapbooking and talk trash about Mrs. Pastor, so we have to put an end to scrapbooking in the church.  We must stop all the fellowships, we have to keep people apart or they will talk trash about the pastor….newsflash pastor, if this describes your leadership style do the world and God a favor and resign.  Go back to working in the auto factory, or selling shoes, or flipping hamburgers, or whatever you did before, and leave the work of God to men and women who actually love people and want to see them spiritually thriving.

False judgment is as bad as no judgment.  I firmly believe we, as Christians, are supposed to judge with righteous judgment.  We are not supposed to judge a person unfairly or with guile in our hearts and minds, but we are to judge.  This is a tricky proposition, but we used to be able to pull it off.  Take for instance a drug addict.  He has been to prison, he has stolen money, cars, and other valuables.  Now he is clean and sober for two years, do we let him serve in the church?  Righteous judgment says yes we do.  Righteous judgment says not to let him be the church treasurer, but find a place to plug him in.  God has not put him on the shelf, and neither should we.  All too often we take the opposite approach, we put that man or woman on the shelf.  The drug addict has messed up in the past, and so he will mess up in the future.  He is a drain on society and on the church.  The best thing for this offense to humanity to do is die. We do not talk to him, we ignore him.  We do not use our supposed expertise to counsel, mentor, and disciple him, we shun him.  Only those who are perfect, with a perfect track record are fit to serve…unless.  Unless they are from some other fundamental church and they are ticked at their pastor, then we let them serve with no background check, no references, no call to the former pastor, because happy sheep do not seek other pastures.  We let them work in Jr. Church or VBS, or with our teens.  This is exercising no judgment.  Are you fairly and righteously judging, or are you guilty of false judgment and no judgment?

We must be careful, and seek the mind of Christ.  We must put on mercy, and have grace in our hearts.  We must love and truly pastor the sheep God has put us in charge of, while at the same time realizing that we are just sheep ourselves.  We are prone to sheepy things, we are susceptible to sheeply behavior, we are apt to do dumb sheep things.  Mercy, grace, and love, the mind Christ.

Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, quit being a little man.   Realize you have no power.  Look at those you have an influence with and love them, have mercy on them, exercise grace with them, and while you are at it, with your fellow ministers too.

Fellowship Meeting